Mr Cashman Slot Game

Mr. Cashman is a character created in the late 1990's who is still very prominent today. Regular slots games that offer a Mr. Cashman bonus game will identify Mr. Cashman by a small icon on the screen or a description of the bonus games at the side of the screen. Mr. Cashman when created was just a small idea to add a little more fun to the players spinning reels and over the years, he has become an icon offering five different random bonus games and being the major part of some slots games. There are many different titles from Aristocratic gaming that now include the Mr. Cashman bonus games. From the early 2000's Mr. Cashman was added to many of the popular slots games including African Dusk, Indian Gold, Louie’s Gold, Jailbird, Mystic Eyes, and Jewel of the Enchantress. When Mr. Cashman is about to appear on the screen, totally at random, a very special musical theme tune is heard getting the player super excited for what is about to happen. Mr. Cashman is not a progressive jackpot, he is a random bonus game that is separate from the workings of the game itself and when activated can offer the player one of five different bonus games. In order to win one of the five different bonus games, the player must place a maximum bet.

Mr. Cashman Cash Bonus

The cash bonus is activated totally at random and will see Mr. Cashman walking out on to the screen, waving at the player and then activating a special win meter that will stop at an amount. The amount is then given directly to the player. The win meter can award up to 25000 coins, giving the player a huge bonus.

Mr. Cashman Bonus Spins

Mr. Cashman bonus spins are activated after a wink. He waddles out on to the screen and will stop in front of a reel which will then be spun again. And then he will carry on and may stop at a further reel giving the player another free spin. Before walking off the screen, Mr. Cashman gives a wink and throws a multiplier back on the screen that is applied to any payouts from the extra spins given.

Mr. Cashman Poker Bonus

The poker bonus takes place on a separate screen where the player is treated to a new game with three reels and a pull level. The player has to match three numbers and will win a cash payout based on those numbers. The numbers on the reel are from 0-9 so he can win anything from 0 to 999 coins. At the end of this poker bonus, the player is taken back to the main screen and continues with the regular slots game until another Mr. Cashman bonus or some other bonus comes his way.

Mr. Cashman Bonus Choice Feature Game

In this bonus, Mr. Cashman is seen on stage in front of a gift box and a money bag. He chooses one or the other that will be passed on to the player. Choosing the gift box gives the player between 5-20 free spins with a multiplier of between 2x-5x for all winnings earned and choosing the money bag reveals a pile of coins that gives the player up to 1000 coins.

Mr. Cashman Match the Prize Bonus

Mr. Cashman match the prize bonus is potentially the most rewarding random bonus game that players can receive when playing a slots game with Mr. Cashman present. This game sees Mr. Cashman looking at a moonlit sky where he is invited to touch the different stars and try to match them up. Matching up stars can give Mr. Cashman up to 40 free spins or 1000 coins. Up to 30 free spins also benefit from a multiplier for any winnings earned during the time of the free spins. Each of the five Mr. Cashman bonus games is an extra bonus to a slots game that is already fun and exciting to play. The Mr. Cashman has been around for a long time and although now digitized he remains one of the most exciting additions to any slots game and can easily add huge winnings for the player.