Rainbow Riches Slots

Rainbow Riches… is that the most popular slot game in the world? That is a bold claim, but the original game is so successful it has spawned a host of sequels from its creator, Barcrest. One of those sequels is called Rainbow Riches: Leapin’ Leprechauns. So, will those lucky Irish guys leap to your aid and help you win prizes, or is there something else afoot in this slot game?

Reels and paylines in this slot game

Were you expecting another set of reels and lines here? That’s not what you get – far from it, in fact. You’re going to play an arcade-style game if you load this one, so get ready for something very different.

Can you play a selection of bets?

You must wager a minimum of 10 cents on each attempt at the game. Each bet you place will get you a maximum of five jumps from your leaping leprechaun. The biggest stake for each go is $2, so the bets are quite small here.

Special icons appearing in Rainbow Riches: Leapin’ Leprechauns

As the game begins, you will see moving platforms. You must double click the jump button to make your leprechaun jump. Hopefully, he will successfully reach the next platform. There are power-ups to collect on some of the platforms. You will collect those as they appear, if you make a successful jump.

If the leprechaun falls, your go is over. If you reach the fifth jump, you can either collect whatever you have won to that point or continue.

Obstacles include a cracked mirror, a black cat, and a snake. Power-ups include a heart, a horseshoe, a magic hat, and a balloon. They all act in different ways.

Are there bonuses to be won?

The idea is to get as far as you can to win prizes. You’ll win a bonus prize for every five successful jumps you make. However, rainbows, pots of gold, a four-leaf clover, and some gold coins will also award prizes worth up to 100x your total stake.

Download and play the Rainbow Riches: Leapin’ Leprechauns slot today

This game is ideal if you love the other Rainbow Riches titles. It’s also good to play if you fancy a change from regular slot games. Try it now and see just how far your leprechaun can leap! Will he leap to success for you?