Pot of Gold Slots

Pot of Gold is a newer online slot game with some decent features and some pretty basic gameplay. While this game doesn't stand out dramatically for its features or looks, it's a good base game that many gamblers enjoy. If you're curious at all about this slot, or you want to find out if this Irish themed game is right for you, look through our review below and see for yourself almost immediately.

Made by Arrow's Edge

While the company isn't as huge as some other slot software providers, Arrow's Edge is well-known and offers various games and special features for the player to enjoy. If you're a gambler and you are looking for entertainment, you can have a lot of fun by joining a casino that has games by this company.

A Basic Slot

Pot of Gold is a simple video slot game with basic features that are interesting and valuable for gamblers looking for an entertaining experience. There are bonus features, special symbols, and more. These features keep things interesting while making the slot better than a classic slot. .

A Fun Irish Slot

This game has a simple Irish theme and showcases leprechauns, mugs of beer, pots of gold, rainbows, and more. The bottom of the slot is littered with four-leaf clovers and lush greenery, and this slot game looks nice overall. If you're looking to find a slot with a basic Irish theme, this isn't a bad game to test out.

1024 Paylines

Instead of standard paylines, this slot has 1024 ways to win each time you spin the reels. That means you have excellent odds of coming away with a win when you play this game. Few other games can compete with that level of opportunity per spin. This setup also means that you can enjoy simple betting because you don't have to adjust the number of lines when you place a wager. Instead, you adjust the wager amount with a single set of arrows. New gamblers will appreciate how simple it is to place wagers using this system.

An Excellent Wagering Range

It's impressive how large a range is available to gamblers for the wagers they can set in place. This game gives players the ability to wager between $0.50 and $300.00 per spin. The amount you wager depends on what you're comfortable with, but as long as you don't mind playing at a level between those two extremes, you should be able to find something that you're happy using. The only issue that some gamblers have is not having enough fine adjust available on the mid-level wagers. The wager amount goes up and down dramatically, which can make it difficult to set wagers at a level you'll be okay using.

Watch for Wilds and Scatters

There aren't many special features in this game for you to use. There are wild symbols and scatters for you to watch out for while playing. As long as you keep a lookout for those two features, you can get some decent wins while playing this game.

Just Okay Pays

It's possible to win as little as just one or two times your wager amount, while you can also win as much as 300x your total wager amount. The amount you can win varies based on the symbol combination you can achieve, and those combinations are laid out for you on the table for this slot game. Get familiar with the different combinations, and you'll know what to expect when you play this slot.

Basic Free Spins

If you get three scatters or more of the symbols in any given spin while playing this game, you will trigger the free spin bonus round. You'll enjoy between 5 and 15 free spins depending on the number of scatters you get to trigger this bonus feature. Once you activate the bonus round, you'll get many free spins you can use to win prizes and other perks. The bonus can re-trigger as well, giving you additional free spins to keep the opportunities going for longer if you get three or more scatters again.

A Golden Spin Bonus Round

Players that manage to get six or more golden coin symbols will start up a special free spin bonus. In this round, you will try and build up the number of coins you have while creating the best winning opportunity possible. The more golden coins you have, the more you can win from this special bonus. In the round, you will get three spins, and the counter restarts back at three each time you get another gold coin symbol on the reels. The round continues until you get 20 coins, or you go three spins without getting a single coin.

Demo this Game Free

If you're interested in this game, you can test it out and all the features it has to offer for free. Taths' because this game runs in a free demo mode for anyone that wants to experience it that way. There are lots of gamblers that test this slot out and decide they like it before they spend money on it. To try the Demo mode game, choose Demo when you load it for the first time, and you'll get a play money balance to wager with as you play.

Play for Real Money

Most of the gamblers that try out this slot game plan on playing for real money at some point. Even if you don't plan on playing this game for real money initially, you will likely play the game for real money eventually. Turning on real money mode is simple to do as long as you account at a compatible casino. Try the game for real cash and play for some of the exciting bonuses this game gives.

Win Thousands

Not only can you win as much as 300x your entire wager amount, but you can also win thousands of dollars from the progressive jackpot features of this game. These special features give you huge prize payouts if you're fortunate enough to trigger them. The progressive jackpots are exciting and worth playing or, and they're realistic enough for most gamblers to test them out themselves.

This Game Was Built for Mobile

This slot works flawlessly on most mobile devices. That makes it easy to take the game anywhere and to enjoy all the features of the slot whenever you feel like it. This is good news for gamblers that would like to be able to experience what this game has to offer even if they don't have a computer to play on. You can swap from one device to the next while playing this game.

Rating the Game

This slot isn't perfect, but we decided to rate it a 3.5 out of 5.0 stars. We gave it a decent rating because it's simple to play, offers some fun bonuses, and gives okay prizes.

This slot won't appeal to everyone, but there are certainly gamblers available that will enjoy this slot. Get familiar with the game yourself to see if it's a good fit for you, and you may have a new slot game that you want to test out as a result.