i-Slots at Eclipse Casino

Slots come in more variations than you may expect. There are ones built around three reels and others that have five or even six reels. There are ones with only a single payline, while others pack in dozens of them. But have you heard of i-Slots? These are slots built around an interactive experience, hence the name. The basic nature of these slots is much the same as video slots, but there are some differences. And you can access lots of the i-Slots at the Rival-powered Eclipse Casino today.

These games traditionally work with a storyline in play – not something you will see in many slot games. As the Reels Turn is a great example of a classic i-Slot from Rival Gaming – in fact, there are three episodes in this series of games. They are all based on the same people, and you can meet the characters and find out what they are getting up to each time you play the games. Start with episode one and work your way up from there.

Eclipse Casino provides many other entertaining slots and casino games for you to try. But if you want a truly different experience, you should check out your chance to play i-Slots at Eclipse Casino now.