Top Five Reasons to Love Caribbean Stud Poker

Think poker and you probably think of a complex game that takes ages to learn. There are good poker players out there too and taking part in a poker game requires plenty of knowledge and a good poker face to hide how good (or bad) a hand you might have!

It might surprise you then to discover Caribbean Stud Poker has captivated many people - many of them players who wouldn't play regular poker variations. Let's find out why it is so popular today.

It can easily be played online

You will find the popular Caribbean Stud Poker variation under the video poker section of games at many online casinos. You can also find it in live casinos, which many online casinos do offer as an alternative. This means you play a live dealer rather than playing on a video machine. It adds more excitement to the process.

It's easier to understand than regular poker

It still pays to learn the rules, but you can certainly figure out what is happening and what you need to do within a few hands. Ideally, check out a few Caribbean Stud Poker games at casinos that allow you to play a demo game before wagering real money. These will likely be available in the video poker section, but not in the live casino.

Once you get your five cards, you have two choices

The idea is to figure out whether your five cards are likely to beat the dealer's hand. If you think they will, you make an additional wager. If you don't think they will, you fold your hand. This two-option process means there are no complex bets or scenarios to work out.

If you've got a pair or a better hand, you'd typically raise. If you hold an ace and a King, you would usually fold. Once you get the hang of what hands can appear, you can instantly see whether to raise or fold your hand.

Potentially big prizes are on offer

The better the hand you can get, the bigger the prize. That applies in all poker games. However, Caribbean Stud Poker does usually offer good returns on many hands, so you just need a little luck to steer you in the right direction.