Mobile Online Gambling on Skill Games Gets Big

The US is very strictly regulated when it comes to gambling in general but also online gambling. There are certain guidelines that must be followed and some states are stricter than others. The ones that are more lax usually are quicker to amend the laws. 37 US states have permitted online gambling if some amount of skill is used. , Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey are the only states to allow gambling as a game of luck.

Skillz originated because of states that require gambling to only be legal when it is a game of skill. In all but 3 US states poker and blackjack are considered to be games of luck. Skillz admits that this is a lucrative opportunity. So they launched a skill only based mobile platform in the US after they allied with Glu Mobile.

The mobile platform is not new and many are looking this way. The trend is new and it is hot. Within four years, it is expected that gambling on mobile devices is going to reach $100 billion. It is believed that allowing the games of skill is only paving the way for allowing games of chance.

Nevada is home to the first online poker venue that is legal. This was set up by Ultimate Gaming, who firmly believes that online poker will advance in the US by either the states allowing it or the government will opt out.