Emperor Panda Slots

Emperor Panda looks like another generic jungle slot game at first glance, and we almost overlooked it entirely for that reason. After writing up this review, we're glad that we didn't. While the game isn't perfect, it has a lot of good to offer to the right players. If you are this slot's ideal gambler, you'll have a blast playing it. Read through our quick review to learn if the game is the right option for you.

Created by Realtime Gaming

This game was crafted by the gifted developers at Realtime Gaming. That's part of why it looks so beautiful and packs in an interesting blend of special features. This slot isn't the right option for everyone, but it's not something that you'll forget either.

Take a Trip into a Lush Jungle

It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that this game is held in the lush jungle with a beautiful backdrop design. You'll feel like you've been transported into the middle of an unoccupied jungle while spinning the reels, and the realistic animal symbols only serve to strengthen that illusion. The game feels relaxing as a result, and we found ourselves enjoying our time spinning the reels while testing this out.

Designed with a Unique Expanding Real Setup

This game looks pretty basic on the surface, but the expanding real feature gives it a unique feel and makes it, unlike any other slot we've experienced before. During the special Emerald bonus round, there is a chance you can expand the 5x3 reels into 6x3, 6x4, or even 8x4 reels. Each expansion increases your chances of getting wins and adds to the excitement of this slot as you play along. Of course, it's rare to expand the reels, but when it occurs, the feature is spectacular.

A Free Slot Expereince

Not every slot game is free to test out if you want to get to know it, but the great ones usually are. This game offers a Demo mode that allows you to try all its features with a play money balance. You're free to wager at any level you want while spinning the reels of this slot. Choose the bet level you plan on using with real cash, and you'll get a real feel for the game and all the bonuses it offers as you play.

A Modern Slot with Exciting Features

This game is designed to appeal to casual players that like advanced bonus features. It offers a high betting ceiling, has many reels, and gives players 50 lines to wager on with every spin. The game doesn't come with progressive jackpot features, but it still packs in a lot of interesting mechanics that make it worth testing if you enjoy a dynamic wagering experience.

50 Fixed Paylines

There are 50 paylines turned on at all times for Emperor Panda. That means each time you turn the reels; you have 50 chances to get a win. Those odds are excellent, but you'll pay for the opportunity. Wagers are costly with this slot, and some gamblers won't be able to afford to spin the reels at all.

Costly Betting Options

The minimum wager amount available while playing this game is $2.00 per spin, which is too expensive for many low-stakes players to afford. The game allows gamblers to go all the way up to $200.00 per spin, but the wager adjustments move quickly, so you may not be able to choose the wager amount you truly want to play at. This slot is good for high-rollers that are looking to bet big, but it may not fit the playstyle of every gambler that tests it.

Lots of Little Payouts are Common

Other than during the special bonus rounds, big wins aren't common while playing this slot game. The most valuable standard symbol is worth 800 coins, which isn't much in terms of slots. That means that you'll be playing for lots of small wins instead. That's not a bad thing, but it is something to keep in mind when you test this game for yourself.

Uncover Free Spins at Any Time

Getting three or more of the golden paw symbols is what it takes to unlock this slot's free spin bonus round. During the round, you start with six free spins and get three more each time you get three or more golden pay symbols. The reels benefit from a boost in gold paw symbols, pandas, and emeralds during this bonus, and it's common for the Jackpot Emeralds feature to trigger during one of your free spins.

Win Big with Jackpot Emeralds

The Jackpot Emeralds feature is the big prize in this slot, and it's what most of the major wins come from too. To unlock the feature, you must get six or more emerald symbols anywhere on the reels. Once you do that, you'll get three re-spins where you try and get more emeralds. Corner-grid emeralds re-start the spin count again, and getting emeralds in all four corners expands the reels to reveal even more potential winning positions. This bonus sometimes goes on for a long time if you're lucky, and it often leads to some amazing prize-winning combinations.

We Give it a 7/10

After looking at all the features of this slot, we decided to give it a 3.5 out of 5. While the slot is enjoyable to play, it's also pretty limiting. Wagers are too fixed and won't meet the needs of most gamblers. If you do find a wager amount you enjoy, this slot is a blast to play and something you'll find yourself coming back to.

Win up to 250x Your Wager

Wins aren't massive while playing this slot, but it's possible to win as much as 250x your entier wager amount while playing the Jackpot Emerald feature. In this bonus round, you can win fixed payout jackpots. The corner emerald symbols can pay up to 250x your wager amount if you get all four positions filled. This is a nice prize win, but it's nothing compared to some of the massive wins you can get from progressive jackpot slots. The major difference is that wins come more frequently when playing this game.

Try For Free or Play with Real Cash

Everyone that plays this game has the option to play with a free money balance or to gamble with real cash. Create your casino account, fund it with real money, and you can start wagering with real cash in hopes of winning a nice payday from this game. If you aren't ready to risk your money just yet, you can test out the features of the game in Demo mode first and swap to real money later on.

Mobile Gambling is Smooth

It doesn't matter whether you play on Android or iOS devices. Both work flawlessly with this slot game. The slot loads in a web browser and plays like it was made for mobile. It looks nice, runs smoothly, and is a real pleasure to play as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Emperor Panda is far from the perfect slot experience, but the game is enjoyable for the right sort of player. As long as $2.00 spins don't scare you away, and you enjoy winning frequent smaller prizes, you'll enjoy your time playing this game.