Big Year for Online Casinos

And so, as we bid farewell - and not before time - to 2 0 2 0, we turn our attention to 2021 and what might be in store for us. With the pandemic continuing even as one year gave way to another, it would not be unusual to cast around for a distraction or two.

2 0 2 0 was a year divided for casino owners. Those with real bricks and mortar casinos found themselves shutting the doors for weeks - even months - at a time. However, online casinos picked up the slack, as millions of people found themselves at home far more than usual.

Could this trend continue into 2021?

We believe so. As the second wave of COVID-19 continues into the earliest portion of 2021, many countries have shut down non-essential businesses. Those same countries have locked down their populations and forced millions to revert to online activities.

Online casinos were well placed to entertain during the last year, and this is likely to carry on as we progress through January 2021. No one can predict what the coming months hold in store, but we believe the casinos are going to make sure they're there for their members.

Could we see more game releases?

We have our doubts on this one. Most software developers already have a schedule stretching into 2021. We cannot see them speeding this up and including more games at the last minute. The time taken to create these games doesn't get any shorter - unless they sacrifice the quality.

We suspect it would be more likely that they'll market the games to a wider audience. They may also want to retain the new members they gleaned from 2023's situation.

Check out the potential for more bonuses

If online casinos are to build on the improvements they made during the last year, they may well decide to do this with more bonuses. Many casinos launch into a New Year period with new tournaments and other events. Watch out for these as January gets underway but be ready for other tournaments and bonuses to show up too. We think this could potentially be a major year in that department.

What do you think we might see during 2021? It's early days yet, of course, but given the situation the world finds itself in, there could be plenty more to see across a range of leading online casinos in the weeks and months to come.