Dancing Wins Slots

Dancing Wins is an upbeat slot game that's themed around Disco Dancing. The game puts players face-to-face with some enticing prize payouts and giving them a chance to win payouts with each spin. It offers frequent wins and packs a punch with its free spin bonus round. This slot isn't perfect, though. Learn why it's good and why it isn't below.

A New RTG Game

This slot was developed by Realtime Gaming, which is why it has the polished look it does. It's nice to look at and does well with its features too. If you want a slot that keeps things interesting, you'll be glad you decided to test out this creation. It only has a single bonus feature, but that feature packs a punch for sure.

Demo it First

This game is designed for players to Demo it if they aren't sure about playing it with real money. In Demo Mode, this slot runs just like it would when playing it with real money. It can be demoed on mobile and with most other devices as well. If you would like to try this game, you can do so for free using this feature.

An Upbeat and Funky Theme

Dancing Wins is an upbeat slot that features fast-paced and fun music, lights, symbols of dancers, and more that help create a lively gambling experience. From the moment you start playing the game, you'll feel like you're at a dance club or a disco hall, and that's part of its charm. If you enjoy disco-themed games, or like music from that era, you'll immediately be drawn to this game.

Made for Simple Gameplay

We believe the best slot games are also the simplest ones. That's why we like that the layout and options for this game are basic. Besides setting your wager amount with the single set of arrows, you can turn the speed of this game up and down, and that's it. With those basic options to work with, it's easy to get started with this slot and to make use of all its different features. It doesn't feel overwhelming to play and is still enjoyable for extended play sessions.

A Video Slot Game

This game comes with most of the standard features you would expect from a video slot, but it doesn't have any progressive jackpot prizes to be won. It's dynamic and exciting for the right sort of gambler, but not everyone will be compelled by this game. If you're looking for more than a few special features, you'll want to look for a more complex game instead.

50 Fixed Paylines

This slot has 50 paylines, and they are locked in place at all times. If you play the game, you will be wagering on all 50 lines as a result. If you don't mind betting big, or you want the opportunity to win on up to 50 different lines, this game is a solid option for you. If you're worried about having more control over your wagers, or you want to place very low wagers, you won't like being forced to wager on 50 different paylines per turn.

A Nice Blend of Wagering Options

This slot offers wagering limits designed to appeal to most gamblers. Since it has 50 fixed paylines at all times, the minimum wager is $0.50 per spin, which may be too costly for some gamblers. The maximum wager is sure to please most high rollers, though. It's possible to wager as much as $250.00 per spin with this slot, which is very solid. With the maximum wager in place, it's possible to win huge prize payouts. That's not something you can do with many other slot games.

Modest Prize Payouts

Though it's possible to unlock a decent prize payout worth 8,888 coins, most of the wins you can get from this game are far more modest. The second largest payout you can get is for 1,000 coins, and most are smaller than that. What that means is you won't be getting rich off a single prize win while playing this game. Instead, you'll be going for combinations of wins and frequent payouts to make up for the smaller prize values. As long as you don't mind winning many small prizes, you will have a good time with this slot game, and it is still quite generous as well.

Taking Advantage of the Free Spin Round

This game is loaded with a very impressive free spin bonus round. To trigger this bonus, you need to get three or more of the disco ball symbols. If you can manage to do that, you'll come away with between 8 and 88 free spins and an opportunity to unlock many more. Each time you get three or more Disco ball symbols during the free rounds, you'll get three more spins, and the prize multiplier will increase by 1. It's possible to get up to a multiplier of 10x during these free spins, which means you could win more than 88,000 coins on a single spin. That's when things get very interesting with this slot!

We Don't Know the RTP

We don't yet have the RTP or return to player value for this slot game, but assume that it's respectable with the frequent prize payouts offered. If you're interested in what sort of gambling experience you can expect from this slot game, try it out for yourself.

We Had to Rate it

We decided to rate this slot game after fully testing out all its features, and we were happy to give it a 4.0 out of 5.0. This is a solid rating that reflects the generous bonus round and high-speed feel to this slot. The prizes just keep on coming when you're playing this game, and that's what we look for in a slot.

You Can Play for Real or Play Money

It's up to you whether you play this slot game for real money, or you just play around with it using play money. Both options are available to you, and you can easily swap back and forth as well. If you want to try out features and get familiar with the game without risking your money, try it in free play mode. When you're ready to try to get real prize wins, swap to real money mode. Either way, this slot game is fun to play.

Take it with You Anywhere

If you enjoy this slot game, you'll love being able to bring it with you wherever you go. The slot runs smoothly on Android and iOS mobile devices and loads right in a web browser as well. There is no downloading to worry about when playing this slot game, making it quick and accessible to play.

Dancing Wins is just the fresh game that RTG needs to stand out and keep its gamblers interested. We fell in love with this slot during our first test-play session and couldn't find too many issues to criticize with the game either. Other than offering only limited wagering options, this game comes loaded with features that we really enjoy. Try it and see for yourself, and it could be your new favorite game.