Cash Bandits 2 Slots

You must know how often movie sequels prove to be a letdown. We’ve all experienced that, haven’t we? So, it would be a shame if the Cash Bandits 2 slot game couldn’t replicate the success of the original.

Fortunately, that isn’t the outcome that happens when you give this game a shot. Instead, you might agree with our opinion that the sequel is better than the first managed to be – and that one was amazing to start with. Our review tells you more.

Developer information remains the same

Yes, we know Realtime Gaming was the brains behind the original hit, and they are in the driving seat for this one too.

Does that mean we are guaranteed to try a demo?

As always, the RTG outfit provides its players with a chance to experiment with the demo game. It works identically to the real thing, so it’s a good way to see what is in store.

There is no change to the theme

We wouldn’t want there to be, honestly. With cops chasing robbers who are trying to break open some bank vaults, there is plenty of entertainment afoot.

A better design

It’s much the same as the original in many ways, yet we think there is a little more sharpness and feistiness to the design. See if you agree.

Understanding the basics of Cash Bandits 2

This is a slot with five reels, and above those reels you can see two progressive jackpots. So far, so good, we think.

The game logo appears on the reels and is easy to see, and you’ll want to see it as well as it is wild for the duration of the game. We spotted it appearing in stacked format, which means you might see more than you bargained for.

The robber has a role to play too, and not just for breaking into the bank vaults. He is acting as a scatter symbol, which is the only symbol you cannot substitute with the wild.

How many paylines are involved?

You’ve got 25 to play on in this game.

How many coins can you choose from?

A few – there are coins as cheap as a cent, with the option to increase to a quarter at most, too.

Don’t forget the paytable

You’re learning plenty by reading our slot review, but you should still check out the paytable before you play for the first time.

The famous bonus is back!

And this time it’s better than before. Finding three scatters will get you into the Vault Bonus room with five free games on offer to begin. You also get a 2x multiplier to start things off, but it may not end on that amount.

Finding three, four, or five scatters to trigger the feature will earn you the same quantity in selections from the keypad in front of you. The challenge is to pick numbers and see if they appear in the codes for the safes. If you manage to crack one open, you’ll see some more free games and a multiplier hidden inside.

The best outcome from this picking round would be 190 free games and a boosted multiplier going as high as 17x. The first game had 90 freebies at most and a 12x multiplier as the best outcome, so it’s nice to see this game has re-introduced it with a bigger and better possible outcome.

Free spins in droves!

Yes, the free game feature only begins when you have had your picks and gone through the vault codes to see how many you got right.

RTP information

We don’t have an accurate RTP for the game, but then RTG doesn’t tend to release this info. We suggest it falls at around the 95% mark, however, as many other sources of info sit at around that mark too.

Our rating couldn’t be any higher

How could we rate this game any lower than the full 10 out of 10 score? It would be impossible to do, as there is just so much to appreciate here. The Vault Bonus was a massive hit in the first game, and it has been made better still here.

Progressive jackpots are likely to produce the best prizes

Of course, if you managed to get the largest quantity of spins and multipliers for the vault round, you could get a total of prizes that would be impressive indeed. Could that happen, we wonder?

Try the practice version first

We did so and managed to get into the vault to see how it might play out. We found it enjoyable and can see why people never progress beyond this stage.

Play for real if you like what you see

It’s hard not to like this game, to be honest. If you want to find out what Cash Bandits 2 is all about, try the demo. If you want to shoot for real prizes, try the real thing from just a quarter per spin.

Mobile accessibility is good too

Is there anything RTG hasn’t got right about this game? Android and iOS users can happily play it on their devices too. There is no need to use a computer if you don’t want to.