Mystic Elements Slots

Mystic Elements is a modern slot game that's set in a strange location at the edge of space. The game shows off beautiful symbols and has some pretty cool features as well. Even though this slot isn't perfect, we had to try it out after looking at the game. Below is our review of the slot and a look at our experience with the game. Learn if it's a good option for you and find out what sort of features you can expect from the game by continuing to read.

A Bovada Game

This slot was made by Bovada, a popular slot development company. Along with the dozens of other games offered by this company, this game stands out as a beautiful option and another reason to sign up and play at a Bovada casino. Many casinos offering Bovada games offer games from other companies as well, giving you lots of options to work with.

Demo the Game Free

It's possible to play this slot game without spending any money on it. That's because it's offered in a Demo mode. If you're interested in trying the features of this slot, but you aren't sure you want to risk your own money yet, this mode can help you get comfortable fast. When playing in demo mode, the game comes loaded with a play money balance, and you can win play money prizes.

A Unique Theme

We've never played another slot game with the same theme as this one. It combines space with the different natural elements to create a very nice-looking game that stands out. The slot comes with beautifully drawn symbols for fire, water, earth, wind, and light. The game is set out in space, and there's an eerie mist all around the bottom of the screen, adding to the ambiance of this game.

Designed for Ease of Use

It's clear that making an easy-to-use game was a top priority for Bovada when crafting this slot. There are only three buttons for players to interact with while playing. It doesn't get much easier than that, and most gamblers will enjoy how fast they can learn to play the game. Just moments after you start playing this slot, you will understand how to play.

Try for the Progressive Jackpot

This modern slot game comes loaded with a powerful progressive jackpot that's worth tens of thousands of dollars. The game has some unique features, such as mystery symbols that transform into other symbols after a spin. This makes the slot feel more dynamic and interesting.

10 Active Paylines

This game has 10 paylines that are always active. These lines each give you an opportunity to win. As you turn the reels of this game, you'll have ten opportunities to win prizes with each turn. You'll also be wagering across ten paylines. Since the paylines are always active, setting a wager value is simple to do and only takes a second.

Bet in Moments

Wagering is as simple as possible in this game. To bet, you select the Bet Amount button and choose one of ten available buttons. These buttons go from a low value of $0.20 to a high value of $100.00. Select the button, and your bet is set.

A Basic Paytable

The four elements offer a substantial prize payout if you can get five of them on a single payline. This game only has a few different symbols, so it won't take you long to learn the different values for the symbol combinations. The prizes are basic, and the payouts are small. It's possible to unlock as much as $10,000 during the base game or $30,000 from a standard prize-winning combination. You could win much more from a combination of prizes or from the progressive jackpot.

Free Spins

If you can get three of the free spin symbols or three of the mystery symbols, you will turn this free spin bonus round feature on. You'll receive between 10 and 20 free spins, and you can trigger more spins by getting the free spin symbols during the bonus. While you are in this bonus round, any wins you get to benefit from a 3x multiplier. The free spin round is also the only time you can win the progressive jackpot. If you get five of the light symbols in the free spin round, you will unlock this bonus.

No Additional Bonuses

Some games come loaded with many different bonus rounds. This game isn't one of them. There is only the free spin bonus in this slot. Fortunately, the free spin round comes with many different features, and it gives you access to a huge jackpot payout as well.

An Acceptable Value

This slot doesn't offer the highest return out of slot games that we've tested, but it pays out a decent amount of money. If you're searching for a game that gives you the best possible chance to win big, this isn't it. This slot has a decent enough return for us to recommend the game to players that care about value, though.

Rating the Game

After trying this slot for an extended period, we gave it a rating of 4.2 out of 5.0. We weren't impressed by the prize payouts, but we love the free spin bonus feature and the transforming symbols. This game is clean and entertaining, and we can recommend it to most gamblers.

The Real Winners Play for the Progressive Jackpot

The chances of winning the progressive jackpot prize while playing this game are slight. This is the largest prize payout, though, and it's what you should be trying for as you spin this game.

Real Play or Fun Play

This slot is available to play for real money or to play in a mode that's just for fun. Load the slot in Demo mode to try the features without spending money, or swap to the standard mode and use your casino bankroll to play for the real prize wins.

Take the Game on the Go

This slot game is built to run on mobile devices too. If you want to bring this slot with you when you're tired of sitting in front of a computer, you can open it on a smartphone or tablet. The game loads in a mobile web browser and runs just as well on a small device as it does a computer.

Mystic Elements is a promising slot game with just the right blend of a simple layout, entertaining features, and a powerful jackpot. We with the standard prize payouts were larger, but the game is still a good value, and it's entertaining too.