Jack and the Mighty Beanstalk Slots

Plenty of elements go into making a superb and appealing slot, and we think the creator of Jack and the Mighty Beanstalk has done exceptionally well on all counts. You know how the story goes, and you'll recognize elements of the story included in this online slot game. Our review covers it all - from the prize potential to the bonus features. Come with us as we check out the possibilities here today.

Who is the developer behind this game?

Have you heard of Nucleus Gaming before? They're in charge here, and they've come up with what we think is one of their most beautiful slot games.

Can you try it without paying for it?

Yes, the slot game does have a demo version, so you can certainly see what you think of it and go from there if you're wondering whether to progress to the real version.

You won't have any prizes coming your way for working out the theme

Jack and the Mighty Beanstalk can only point to one fairytale, can't it? You'll see many of the most famous elements of the story coming to the fore here.

What did we make of the slot game design?

Some slots demand your attention and a few moments to simply sit back and appreciate what they look like to start with. We have one of those games right here. They've given us some 3D elements, along with Jack's house, the beanstalk itself, and Jack watching over the game. He has a role to play too, but we'll come to that shortly.

The basics of the Jack and the Mighty Beanstalk slot game

Here we go then - you won't see any progressive jackpots in this one, and they've kept it quite small too, with three reels and three rows of symbols in play. You can look for a golden egg, used as a substitute icon and capable of arriving on reel two but not the remaining reels. This can replace everything apart from the scatter, which appears as the giant's castle.

Paylines to play on in Jack and the Mighty Beanstalk

The game has five fixed paylines.

How much does it cost to play this game?

The cheapest wager to cover the available lines is three cents, so this game is going to be open for lots of players to check out. There are other wagers available as well, with the largest of those at $30.

Make sure you explore the paytable to start with

Once the game loads, you can access the info section to look at the paytable. There is a question mark on the next screen as well, and if you hit that, you can read more of the rules of the game.

Will you climb the beanstalk?

We hope you get the chance to do this, and the way it works, you're certainly going to. Jack shows a sign saying 1x before the game begins. Whenever you have a losing spin on the reels, Jack flips the sign to increase the multiplier by 1x. You also jump up to the next level of the beanstalk for the next spin. This continues until you reach a winning spin. The prize or prizes won at that stage will bring you the current multiplier displayed by Jack. This then resets to 1x and you drop back down the beanstalk to begin again.

Free spins available if you find the castles

Three scattered castle symbols give you the key to play 10 free spins. These include the Climbing the Beanstalk feature, but this time the multiplier doesn't reset on a winning spin. So, it could get quite high here, as you have at least 10 spins to play. We say at least 10 because if you find another set of three castle scatters, you can expect to get more freebies.

We do not have an RTP to share with you

We did our research but failed to find a return to player percentage in the game info we had.

What did we think of Jack and the Mighty Beanstalk?

This is an excellent slot game that feels a lot bigger than a three-reel slot. The multiplier feature, plus the progression up the beanstalk, works well and fits with the story. You've also got the free spins to try for, so there's plenty happening. This certainly ranks as a 9 out of 10 game.

How much winning potential is there?

The key here is to reach the bigger multipliers, as these can bring sizable prizes if you can find them on the right spin. The loading screen tells us that the biggest prize is worth 3,200x your bet.

Choose practice play to get a better feel for the game

Jack and the Mighty Beanstalk is easy to get to grips with, but a few spins on the demo game is the best way to work out how all the features pan out.

Plenty of casinos carry the real versions of Nucleus Gaming slots

If you've tried the demo and enjoyed it, look out for the real version at all decent casinos offering the Nucleus Gaming selection of slots.

Mobile action also available

Play on tablet or smartphone as you wish, with Android and iOS devices fine to use for this.