Enter the Fun Club: Your Key to Casino Bonus Codes

The online casino world is rapidly growing with new casinos seemingly popping up every day. These casinos are competing against each other in order to attract - and keep - their share of players. One of the most popular ways these casinos do this is with bonuses. We've all seen them plastered all over a casino's homepage, offering players attractive bonuses and promotions. Theses bonuses come in various forms and today we're going to break them down for you so let's dive in!

Types Of Bonuses

There are a handful of bonuses that players will routinely see advertised by online casinos. They're all designed to do different things, so let's take a look…

  • Welcome Bonus

The Welcome Bonus is probably the most common bonus. These are geared towards new players and come in a variety of forms. These welcome bonuses will always come with a match percentage that can range anywhere from 100% into the thousands. Basically, that match percentage is what the casino will match of a player's deposit. For example, if you deposit $100 and the welcome bonus is 100%, that means the casino will give you an extra $100.

Most welcome bonuses are good for a first deposit only. When a casino offers a match percentage in the thousands, that usually means it comes in tiers. So for example the first deposit will give you a 100% match. The second will give you a 300% match. The third will give you a 500% and so on.

Another perk of welcome bonuses are free spins. They can range anywhere from 20 to 150 and are typically reserved for a new slot debuting on the casino.

  • Deposit Bonuses

While welcome bonuses are geared towards attracting new players, deposit bonuses are for existing players. These work the same way as the welcome bonuses do, but typically don't reach as high a match percentage. They can be either a one time deposit or in tiers, and are a great way for existing players to take advantage of the perks offered by a casino.

  • Non-deposit Bonuses

These are just what they claim to be - no deposit bonuses. These are almost always exclusively tailored towards new players and simply require a player to sign up and register an account. These bonuses will never be as high as the welcome and despot bonuses. Typically, they'll be somewhere in the $5-$20 range or will come in the form of free spins. Regardless of the lower amounts, these are a hassle free way to get yourself a few extra spins risk free.

  • Crypto Bonuses

More and more online casinos are trying to steer players in the direction of using crypto for their deposits. One way they're doing this is by offering extra bonuses for using crypto. For example, say a casino is offering a 275% bonus match. It would break down as 200% PLUS an additional 75% if a player uses crypto to deposit. So that means if a player is using a credit card to deposit they won't be getting the full bonus amount.

  • Cashback Bonuses

These bonuses are usually offered on a weekly or monthly basis and are based on a player's net loss over that specific amount of time. Basically, they're helping you recoup losses. They won't be much - typically we see these cashback bonuses ranging from 10% to 50%. For example, if the cashback bonus is 10% and you lose $100 over the specific timeframe, you'll get $10 back.


In addition to bonuses, online casinos are offering players an attractive list of promotions in order to keep them playing their site. Let's take a look at some of the more popular…

  • VIP / Loyalty / Rewards Programs

Every casino does these differently, but the general point of them is to reward players for staying and playing a casino. They'll typically come in tiers of 5 - 8 and some are automatically offered to players while others require players to have made a certain amount of wagers before you qualify. Some of the perks are higher withdrawal limits, personalized hosts, birthday gifts, comp points and more.

  • Refer-a-Friend

These are never huge bonuses - typically around $100 - $250. If a player refers a friend and that friend makes a minimum deposit as required, then the first player will receive the bonus.

  • Tournaments

Casinos are launching weekly or monthly tournaments where players can enter and compete against other players for a chance to win cash prizes. Typically you'll have to finish in the top 50 or 100, and the higher you finish the more money you'll win!


In a perfect world these bonuses would be given to players with no strings attached. But that's not the case. They'll most always come with 'rollover requirements'. This is the amount a player needs to wager in order to be able to withdrawal any of their bonus funds - or winnings from those funds.

Let's say the bonus is 100% and the rollover is 20x. That means you need to play through a total of $2000 worth of bets before you are able to withdrawal. 20x is on the lower side as well, as many rollover requirements can reach 50, 60 or even 70x the bonus amount.

Another thing players need to be aware of is that not all games are able to be played for rollovers. A lot of times casinos will only allow slots and keno for bonus play. Sometimes table games will be allowed, but those will be a lesser rollover amount than slots. The important thing to remember is to always - and we mean ALWAYS - read the bonus terms and conditions. This is where you'll find all the rollover and withdrawal requirements associated with the bonus.


A lot of players will balk at bonuses because of those rollover requirements. But take it from this author - they can pay out! You may have to put in the work and get lucky, but these bonuses are a great way to play risk free and give players tons of chances at boosting their bankrolls!