Happy Hooves Slots

What comes to mind when you see the title Happy Hooves? Obviously an animal with hooves is in action here, and you might be able to guess which one that could be. You'll get the answer soon though, as we saddle up (there's a clue for you…) and prepare to review the Happy Hooves slot game.

Developer details to start our review in style

You can tell a lot about a game just by reading the name of the developer, and in this case, the name in focus is Pragmatic Play.

This means we have a demo to play

This is the ideal way to learn everything you should know about the slot game before you decide whether to play the real version.

So, what do we know about the theme?

When you load Happy Hooves, you'll be greeted with horses and lots of them. So, they are the hooved animals in action here.

What did we make of the design?

Happy Hooves doesn't have much background to speak of, but what little is in view gives us a setting inside some stables. That makes sense, and you can expect to find lots of majestic horses appearing on the reels as well. While the lower-valued icons are the basic letters and numbers, they're not that noticeable thanks to the impressive horses you'll see everywhere else.

How to play the Happy Hooves slot game

So, let's see what's involved here. This is a five-reel game with four symbols landing on each of those reels. Unusually, the game has four wild symbols. There are four horses, each of different colors. These are regular symbols, but if you find their twin, each showing two horses, you've found a wild. Since there are four colors, there are four wilds to look for. Each one only substitutes for the other symbols of the same color.

There are also some other symbols worth looking for. The first of these is a golden scatter symbol that shows a horse inside a horseshoe. This only lands on the three odd reels. There is also a regular horseshoe symbol against a wooden backdrop. This is a mystery symbol. Finally, a golden star is the golden symbol, appropriately.

Does it have lots of paylines?

The game comes with 40 fixed lines, so bear that in mind when you're considering your bet.

Speaking of bets…

The game has a plus and minus approach to these on either side of the spin button. This opens a panel that shows you the options. You can play from one to 10 coins on each of those lines for starters. Coins go from one cent each to a quarter each, and you can see the total bet you'll pay per spin in the lowest of the three info sections in that panel.

Don't miss the paytable for Happy Hooves

We think this game becomes easier to understand when you get the chance to play the demo. However, you should still read the pages inside the paytable, as these provide more details as well.

Bonus features in the Happy Hooves slot

Firstly, look out for the golden star. When this lands, all the available positions that show a mystery symbol will spin again. These will then reveal either a multiplier or a scatter. You'll receive the total value of the multipliers applied to your bet, and the triggering scatter feature will follow if you manage to get enough of those too.

Meanwhile, the mystery symbol creates a Power Nudge feature. One or more of them will trigger this. You might find a wild behind a mystery symbol or alternatively it could be a golden icon.

Free spins are replaced by respins

You need three or more scatters to unlock this feature, which is called the Power Nudge feature. You begin by watching as the reels go through one spin, which will create eight or more mystery symbols on two reels. You can get a nudging feature here, along with a chance of some respins. The round continues until you run out of both of these.

It's tricky to explain exactly how this works, so the best bet is to load the practice version - make sure it is the demo - and then 'buy' the feature using the control by the first reel. You can do this using their demo funds. It might be worth doing this a couple of times to see how the reels nudge down as you play.

RTP information for Happy Hooves

Pragmatic Play has set the return to player percentage nice and high at 96.49%. If you use the buy feature to get the free respins, you'll see this drop slightly to 96.29%.

Our rating for Happy Hooves

What did we make of the game? We think it's a promising one, but it can take a while to fully get the hang of how it all works. The unusual wilds are cool, but the mystery symbols, Power Nudging element and other symbols can produce a more complex game. We're ranking this as 8/10, which we think you'll agree with once you understand how it all works.

What could potential winners be in for in Happy Hooves?

The maximum prize available is 5,000x your bet, according to the details in the paytable.

Demo play is hugely important here

It really is, so make sure you load Happy Hooves as a demo slot before you do anything else.

Play for real if you like the game

This is a hugely volatile slot game, as you might expect from Pragmatic Play. Make sure you are aware of this and that it suits your usual preferences before you consider the real game.

Mobile features if you're curious

You can play the Happy Hooves slot game on iOS or Android devices if you would prefer to do so.