Shocked Stay at Home Mom Bags $315K Slotland Progressive Jackpot

Open Season Slots

Slotland slots player and stay at home mom Debra J is the lucky recipient of Slotlands biggest ever progressive jackpot win and while spinning the reels of Open Season Slots she scooped a life changing windfall of a staggering $315,124 making here one very happy player indeed! The previous record stood at $266,800 however Debra blew that out of the water, and this is in fact the first ever Slotland jackpot to pay over $300,000 and what a win it is.

Debra is a regular player and Open Season is one of her favored slots and while she´s collected a few big wins over the years, nothing compares to this and her initial reaction was shock, stating that, "I'm in total shock, even more so after being told it was a record win. It hasn't fully sunk in yet. At first I couldn't believe it but when Slotland told me it really happened my jaw dropped and I actually started dancing."

Open Season is linked to the site wide progressive jackpot and although it's a popular video slot it's the very first time that it has paid out the jackpot. When asked about what to do with her new found wealth, Debra has a few ideas, saying, "Gosh, there's so many things I've dreamed of doing if I ever won like this! We'll do some practical stuff, I guess, like put money aside for the kids, do some fixer uppers, pay some bills. But then we'll do some fun stuff too, like throw a party and spoil ourselves with some new goods. And I'd love to do a trip around the world!" What would you do with a win like that? Much of the same for many players we´d think!

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