Las Atlantis Casino

Las Atlantis is a lesser-known online casino that we thought had a lot of promise. The site shows off an impressive collection of games, and it comes packed with useful features as well. We're not saying it's the perfect site for you to play at, but it could be. That's why we assembled this complete review of the site and all it has to offer. Read through our comprehensive review to learn if it's the right place for you.

A Futuristic Lobby with Easy Access

This casino has a nice-looking lobby with beautiful futuristic graphics. The full-sized graphics are bold and welcoming, but some players may find them distracting. All the major features of the site are easy to access through a quick drop-down menu. The menu is available on the side of the screen. Even new players will find it easy to test games, register for an account, and make use of all the other important functions on this casino website.

Rapid Registration

Gamblers that would like to play on this site can go through the registration process in just moments. It's as simple as clicking the Sign-Up button and entering information in a few short forms. Go through these steps, and you'll have an account you can use to play on the site. Having an account is important for players that want to place real money wagers because even unregistered visitors can play most of the games in Demo mode.

A Realtime Gaming Casino

This online casino is home to various slots, table games, and more offerings, all made by Realtime Gaming. Between all these different options, there is a game for every sort of gambler. Whether you want to win big or you're looking for a more strategy-based game, you can find something that will appeal to you. There are hundreds of casino games to select from, and they get updated regularly as well.

New Slot Releases

New slot games arer released regularly at this online casino. There are video slots, classic slot games, and more to select from. New slot and table games are released on a monthly basis, and it's important to watch out for the different options to

Accepts Players from All Over

This online casino accepts players from most parts of the world today. Gamblers in the USA, Europe, Canada, and more can sign up and enjoy wagering on this site. To learn if your country is supported here, you can begin the registration process to see if it goes through or not.

Demo the Games Free

All the games available on this website can be demoed for free by players that want to learn about how they work and what sort of prizes can be won from each. While demoing a game, it isn't possible to unlock any real money prizes, but the game will operate exactly the same way as it would when playing for real money. It's even possible to test out games without an account on this platform, which is excellent news for the interested visitors that just want to get a feel for the site before they commit any of their time to it.

Switch to Real Money Wagering in Moments

This site is designed to allow gamblers to play games in free mode and to wager with real money. Players can swap between free mode and real money mode simply once they have an account that's funded. Registration only takes a few minutes to go through, and then you can wager at a variety of bet levels that fit your account balance.

Get Up to $14,000 in Welcome Offers

New players can get a 280% deposit match bonus offer worth up to $14,000 overall over a series of deposits. This bonus offer is intense, and it really rewards gamblers that want to make multiple large deposits into the site. Gamblers must wager with the bonus money at least 30x before the money is available after each deposit to claim this offer, though.

Earn Additional Bonuses Over Time

There are extra bonuses to be unlocked and collected for all the players that stick with this online casino over time. If you plan to play here for weeks or longer, there are deposit match bonuses, game-specific offers, and much more. These bonuses refresh each week, and there is always a special to take advantage of.

No Current Tournaments

There aren't currently any tournament features on the site. Players will have to content themselves with gambling against a computer opponent and not playing in contests against others. No tournament access is one of the few downsides we noticed when reviewing this online gambling platform. Without tournaments, some gamblers will grow bored of the available games over time, but with new game releases coming frequently, that shouldn't be too much of an issue.

Small and Large Paying Opportunities

There are hundreds of different games on this casino site. Between all the different games, there is a range of prizes that gamblers can play for. Some of the safer and more reliable games offer frequent prize payouts that are smaller in size. There are other more aggressive and volatile games that give larger prize payouts less frequently. Often the RTP or return to player values of these games are very similar, but players can choose what sort of gambling experience they want to have based on the game they decide to play.

Play on Most Mobile Devices

The entire site is optimized to run on most mobile devices. Easily swap between your smartphones and tablets as well as full-sized computers when playing here. Swapping devices is as simple as signing into your account in the web browser of the device you want to use. Gamblers can switch in mere moments, which is convenient for players that enjoy flexibility.

The Casino Runs Online

The casino functions entirely online in a web browser. There is no software for players to download or to worry about when playing on a new device. That means you can enjoy quick access to the games even as a new member. This is the way that many modern casinos work, but there are still some that have players go through a download process to play.

No Registration is Required

Gamblers do not need to regiester for an account with this online casino in order to use many of its features. It's possible to play through most of the games on the site in Demo mode without having any sort of account.

The Games are All Instant Play

Las Atlantis gives players access to all of its games without any download process necessary. Instead, players just click the game they want to try in their browser, and it loads so they can play. The process is simple and convenient overall.

A Member of Top One Partners

This casino is a member of the Top One Partners affiliate program. This program represents several leading casinos and is known for offering its affiliates access to useful resources and reliable support agents. This special program gives its members the opportunity to earn up to a 45% revenue share off of each new referral they bring to the casino. It's a lucrative program and something to be excited about as a marketer.

Sports Betting Features Aren't Allowed

No sports wagering features are available for use at this online casino. The site specializes in table games and slots and offers one of the best online experiences that you can get as long as you're happy to play against a computer dealer and not a live dealer. There are loads of games to choose from, and they showcase a wide range of themes and offer gamblers different play experiences.

No Blog or Forum

Some casinos have an updated blog that they use to help visitors learn about the latest features and the benefits of playing on the site. There is no such blog at this online casino. Instead, many news updates are available on the home page of the site and the promotions page. There is no forum either, and gamblers that use this site sign up with a generic gambling forum in order to connect with other players and talk about their favorite Realtime Gaming games. Most players won't miss these features very much, but we thought it was important to point out that they are missing.

No Live Dealer Games

There aren't any live dealer game options to select at this online casino. This will be disappointing to some gamblers, though many players prefer not to play the live dealer games. Live dealer casino games give gamblers a real dealer to look at over a webcam as they play the game. These games feel more realistic and are more enjoyable for that reason.

Bitcoin is Fully Supported

this online casino offers Bitcoin as a banking method, and it's a quick and easy payment method that every player can use if they like. Instead of converting a casino balance to a hard currency from Bitcoin and then back again, the site just maintains a Bitcoin balance for the player, and the player can wager in Bitcoin instead. Native Bitcoin support speeds up transactions and keeps fees to a minimum as well.

Three Support Tools

It's possible to learn a lot about the quality of a casino by its customer support tools. This site offers players support through a live chat tool, through two different phone numbers, and email. Between all those different contact methods, it is easy to ask for help if you run into a problem on the site.

Las Atlantis Casino is a fun online resource for players that want access to a large number of games and thousands of dollars in bonuses. It's easy to join, offers excellent mobile support, and makes it simple to test out games before even becoming a member of the site. There is a lot to like about the site, though some gamblers will be disappointed by the site's lack of live dealer games and tournaments.