Lucky Hippo Casino

Lucky Hippo Casino is a newer online platform, and it's a site that we've just heard about recently. We were curious about the mix of features offered on this site because other players talked about it. That's why we decided to sit down and do a full test session to create a complete review of the site. If you're at all interested in joining Lucky Hippo casino, it's worth taking a minute to look through some reviews to learn more about the platform and what it offers.

A Basic Lobby

This casino site has an elementary lobby that allows you to see all the games and the features of the site conveniently. There are minimal graphics on the home page, and the features are easy to reach through the upper navigation bar. As long as you understand how to use that bar, you can easily move around the site and make use of all the different features it offers you.

A Realtime Gaming Casino

Realtime Gaming has a reputation for creating top-quality games and for having a huge selection of games to choose from as well. If you're looking for a casino with hundreds of different games to choose from, you'll be happy to hear that this casino is the perfect option. It's home to loads of games, all from the same development company. The games are held to a high standard, and they are likely safe and secure to play as well.

Access Premier Slots and Table Games

As a member of Lucky Hippo Casino, you'll have access to all sorts of different games to pick through. The slots are the most common and popular games, and there are hundreds of them to choose from as well. If you want to try a specific table game, to use one of the many slots, or you're just interested in trying multiple options, this site allows you to do all that and more.

Regular Slot Updates

There are new slot releases from Realtime Gaming every month. That means that this site's longtime players will still have new games to look forward to over time. If you aren't a player that likes playing the same games all the time, you'll appreciate the updates and how they improve your play experience. Try this site out, and you'll have future updates to enjoy even if you stick to the site for months or years.

Winning Opportunities

There are all sorts of exciting winning opportunities at this casino, thanks to all the different games available on the site. With classic slots, table games, progressive jackpot slots, and more, you can choose to win frequent and small prize payouts or just a few massive payouts. It's up to you to choose the style of play you're most interested in and choose your games accordingly.

A Strong Welcome Bonus

Brand new gamblers on this platform can unlock a 300% deposit bonus on their first three deposits. Over the course of those deposits, you can unlock up to $9,000 in bonus money in all, or up to $3,000 per deposit. That's a whole lot of bonus cash, and it's an excellent way to start your career gambling online at this casino. Give the bonus a try and see how much money you can get started with.

Game Specific Bonuses

Along with the powerful welcome bonus, there are also generous bonuses available to players willing to use specific types of games. For instance, lost players can get one bonus, table games can get another, and other offers. Not only that, but you can get free spins from some of the bonus offers, and those spins are for specific slots. Look closely at the offers, make a note of the codes for the offers you like best, and use those codes whenever you can.

Ongoing Bonus Offers

There are additional bonus offers that are available to long-term players at this online casino. Even if you're a member of the site for months or years, there are perks you can unlock if you want to. Check back at the promotions page every week to see what new offers have become available, and pay attention to any time limits to ensure you can use them before they disappear.

Try for Weekly Bonuses

There are special weekly bonuses at this casino that keep coming back again and again. These aren't the most lucrative offers, but over time you will get to know the offers and have another plan if you can't find a different bonus that you want to use. We enjoyed access to these special offers and got to know them well enough to make use of a few of them while playing here.

How to Use the Bonus Offers

If you like any of the bonus offers, it's up to you to save the codes for them. Each offer has its specific codes, and you'll want to write them down so you can input them when you're ready. Once you have a code for a specific offer, you can put it into the promotions box as you make a deposit or register for a new account. Put in the right code and meet the requirements, and you'll unlock the special bonus offer.

Register for an Account

You need an account to use many of the features of this online casino, but creating an account takes time and effort. You'll have to press the register button and then put in your information. If you take the time to properly put your information in, you can create an account rapidly and start using it quickly. You should also consider making a real money deposit into your account during the registration process, though you don't need to begin using it thanks to the Demo features.

No Casino Tournaments

Tournaments are contests that allow players to gamble against one another to see who is the best overall. This site doesn't have any actual tournaments for players to enter into. That means as a player here; you'll have to stick with playing on your own and never testing yourself. Most of the time, this isn't a real issue, but for the players that want something different, the lack of tournaments can be a real issue.

Is Registration Required?

Yes, registration is required for you to use any of the features offered by this online casino. You'll even have to register for an account if you want to play a demo of a popular slot game. Try it for yourself, and you'll see how fast you can make an account and how many special features open up to you once you're finished.

Earn Ongoing Perks from the VIP Club

Longtime members of this online casino can enjoy all the special perks that are offered by the Lucky Hippo VIP Club. This club awards players with comp points, special prizes, access to exclusive support, and more. By playing at the casino regularly, you can earn yourself a spot in the VIP Club, and once you're there, you'll get to enjoy all sorts of long term perks and benefits.

Demo the Games Free

While most gamblers like playing with real money, many aren't confident enough to do that when they're starting. This is especially true for the players that haven't risked any of their own money before. If this sounds like you, you can actually try out most of the games on the site without risking your own money. You can do this by loading the games in Demo mode. Click on the slots or table games you want to try and select Demo. The games will open and play like normal, but you'll be using play money as you gamble.

No Live Dealer Games

There aren't any live dealer table games on this specific gambling platform. Without these features, you can't see real game dealers in front of you as you play your favorite games. Instead, you have to play an arcade version of the different games, which isn't as exciting of an option. Still, the site is worth gambling on if you're interested in the different features it offers you.

Wager with Real Money

Gamblers that want to risk their own money will find it easy to do so on this site. Register for a free account, a fund that accounts with an approved banking method, and start playing the games. That's all there is to it, and it only takes a few minutes to get started. Go through these steps, and you'll be ready to start taking advantage of the features the site offers and making the most of your time at this casino while trying to win real money.

An Instant Play Site

This online casino is designed to be easily accessible to players on all sorts of different devices. To make it as simple for you, there is no software download required to play the games and use the other features of this online casino. The platform is designed to run in a web browser, and it's fully available to you right after you register for an account. Create an account for this site, and you'll be ready to unlock all the different features it offers you immediately after.

Good Mobile Support for Interested Gamblers

Along with offering quick instant play support, this casino also supports the use of smartphones and tablets. Whether you own an Android tablet, an iPhone, or another mobile device, chances are good you will be able to use what you have to play this casino. The games and the lobby run smoothly on mobile devices, and you don't need an app to use any of the features either.

Limited Banking Tools

There are only a select number of banking tools available at this online casino. It's up to you to decide whether you can make do with these options or if you want to join a different online casino instead to give you more options. When making a deposit, you can use a Visa card, a MasterCard, or Bitcoin. Those are your only options to work with. When withdrawing money, you get a different set of tools to use. Rely on Bitcoin once again, have a check sent out, or rely on a direct deposit withdrawal that goes straight to your bank account. No matter which of these options you select, you can effectively use them all to move your money around the casino.

Unlock the Affiliate Program

Lucky Hippo has a thriving affiliate program that will work well for some marketers that want to earn money for leading new gamblers to the casino site. If you want to become an affiliate for the site, sign up with Mainstreet affiliates and earn up to a 40% lifetime commission on the money that players spend at the casino when you lead them there. This is a big opportunity, and it's available for a good blend of casinos when you use this platform.

No Sports Wagering Features

There aren't any sports wagering features available at this online casino. That means you can't bet on the latest sporting events. No matter how interesting the different sports wagering opportunities are, you'll have to go to a sportsbook to place any wagers. This is an inconvenience for some players while some others prefer it.

Learn the Latest Information

There isn't a blog at this online casino, and that means you'll have to work harder to learn about the latest features and the special offers available here. Instead, you can find out all about this online casino by visiting the promotions page, looking at the lobby, and reviewing the latest game offerings. By making time to look at these specific areas of the site, you can keep track of everything happening on the platform.

Excellent Bitcoin Support

Bitcoin is a well-known banking tool that's used by gamblers from all around the world. This tool isn't perfect for everyone, and some players aren't comfortable using the method. If you like Bitcoin, you'll be glad to hear that the site fully supports the tool, and you can use it to put money into your account and to take it back out. Bitcoin is the only method that works for all banking transactions at this casino online.

Get Excellent Support

Good customer support is one of the most important features of an online casino, and it's also one of the first things we look at when writing a review. If the site has good support tools, we are much more likely to recommend it to other gamblers. If not, we tell everyone to look at different options instead. This site does a nice job of offering help to gamblers by giving them access to help through live chat and email. There isn't phone support available, but even without this feature, you can get immediate help through the live chat tool. If that isn't right for you, you can always send the team an email asking for help. You have to prepare to wait for the answer to your question to come back.

Lucky Hippo Casino has an odd name, but it's a pretty capable platform with a good selection of bonuses, contests, and games. It also has reliable customer support that you'll come to depend on as you get used to playing here. We recommend the site to anyone that doesn't mind not having access to tournaments or live dealer games.