Space Traders Slots

Space Traders… hmm, what are they up to, we wonder? Well, they are trying to make a living for themselves in outer space, and that means collecting all kinds of junk floating around out there. You’ll be focused on collecting prizes, of course, but will the Space Traders be able to help you in that respect?

Format of reels and lines

When you see the 3 x 3 format for this game, you might guess at three reels and maybe the same number of paylines. But no – each icon is a separate reel. This means there are nine reels in play, and you don’t get any paylines. Interesting, hmm?

Coins you could use in this game

You will get to choose from several coins before you play each spin. That means you ought to find something that will suit your budget.

Special game symbols to look for

Every spin will have a Lucky Symbol, selected randomly prior to the spin. If you spin the reels and find three Lucky Symbols in that spin, you will see them all lock in position. Everything else then spins once more with no cost to you. If more Lucky Symbols appear, those will remain in place and another respin occurs. This will carry on until you get a respin that doesn’t produce any further Lucky Symbols. A prize will then be offered for your result. This prize is boosted by 2x as well, thanks to the multiplier in play.

Bonus features

How would you like to choose some Space Junk? Even though the game may appear small, you do get a bonus to play here. The characters in the game present you with some junk, and the idea is to select items from three collections of junk. Each item has a value, between 10 credits and a huge 800 credits. Depending on what you choose, your winnings will be added together and awarded to you once the feature is over.

Download Space Traders and play this slot today

We can thank Revolver Gaming for giving us the chance to play this entertaining slot game. It provides lots of appeal, some great graphics, and an unusual appearance too. If you want something different to try, the Space Traders slot game delivers everything you could want it to. Will you try it to see how lucky you might be in space?

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Space Traders Slots

SoftwareRevolver Gaming
ThemeSci-Fi, Space
Type3-reel, 3D, bonus, video
Coin size$0.01
Coins per line1
Fun moneyyes
SymbolsAsteroid, Cash Planet, Handy Max, Queen Bea, Sam the Robot, Space Junk, Space Traders Logo, Treasures
Bonus roundSpace Junk Bonus game
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