Wishes Slots

Wishes is an online slot game that’s designed with an Arabian theme. That means it packs in a genie, it has a palace in the backdrop, there is sand and a blue and purple sky and just a really nice set of graphics and animations. The production value on this slot game is amazing, and from start to finish, you’ll feel like you’re playing a top quality game that could pay out in a big way.

A Classic Slot with Flair

On the surface Wishes looks a lot like a traditional classic slot game. It has just three reels and has a pretty simple layout. Things aren’t always as they seem though. This slot game packs in a total of 9 paylines on those three reels, which is very different than most classic slot games. Not only that, but the slot also offers a bunch of features that you can unlock. That’s very unlike a classic slot game and it means that things should be awfully exciting and a bit complicated compared to a traditional classic slot. Overall, the game looks like a classic slot, but Wishes is more of a modern-day video slot with some classic slot elements. That’s why it’s good for gamblers that are looking for something in between the two, and a lot of players will have fun with the slot game.

Genie’s Gift

Genie’s Gift is a special bonus round that will call upon the beautiful genie to grant you wishes in the form of different bonus rounds. There are six different special bonuses that all give you a different way to win as much prize money as possible. There are instant cash prizes, added wilds to your standard reels, free spins, special multipliers for your wins, wheel spinning features and more for you to take advantage of. The beauty of this special feature is that you never quite know what’s coming when you play, and you can unlock all sorts of goodies each special round that you go through. Every time you play Wishes you’ll find yourself looking forward to any and every bonus round and you’ll wonder which one is going to trigger each time that you unlock Genie’s Gift.

Random Genie Benefits

Genie will give out random enhancements to the standard slot game as you play as well. That means you could be spinning the reels in Wishes and get some bonus wilds, some additional instant rewards or something else to spice up the gameplay. You’ll find yourself looking forward to the little extra reel turning on and spinning around, and you could end up getting many more wins than you expect thanks to help from the special bonus reel.

Wishes is a beautiful slot game and something that you won’t want to skip over when looking for slots to play. It packs in some pretty cool features and with help from the beautiful genie you should be able to land some pretty good wins.

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Wishes Slots

SoftwareRevolver Gaming
Type3-reel, 3D, bonus, video
Coin size$0.01, $0.02, $0.03, $0.04, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00
Coins per line1
Fun moneyyes
SymbolsDouble BAR, Genie‘s Gift, Gold Seven, Red Seven, Single BAR, Triple BAR, Wishes Logo
Bonus roundInstant Cash Prize
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