i-Scream Slots

i-Scream is a unique online slot game from Dragon Gaming that brings together spooky features, beautiful styling, and a cluster-style payout system that is very interesting. We're not saying that this slot game is one you should play, but it's interesting enough for you to read through our review to find out. Keep reading and learn if this game is the right option for you or not.

Dragon Gaming Slots

Dragon Gaming isn't a very well-known development company yet, and that's because the business only has a handful of games in its library. That doesn't mean it isn't a good company, though. The games offered by this company are top-notch. They're also paired with other software company games, so players can still have an excellent selection to pick from when they join an online casino. This slot is made by Dragon Gaming, and it's another high-quality entry on the company's list.

A Modern Video Slot

This game is a video slot with advanced features. It's designed to pay prizes based on clusters of wins rather than paylines. The prize payouts are large, and there are a few special bonus features you can unlock while playing the game. Between the special features, the exciting cluster setup, and the dynamic play, this game is more advanced and exciting than a classic slot.

A Spooky Fun Theme

This slot game showcases a spooky animated candy skull as well as a variety of ghoulish symbols on its reels. It also offers players a selection of candy-shaped symbols that brighten it up a bit. It appears to be themed after the Day of the Dead celebration, and it looks like a lot of fun as a result of that.

Cluster Payouts

This slot doesn't have paylines, though wagering works as if there are 10 of them. Instead, you try to get clusters of matching symbols, and you can get prize-winning combinations made up of as many as 30 matching symbols at a time. This is how you get the big wins, and they are pretty rare, but also very exciting.

Easy Betting for Everyone

Wagering on this slot is so simple and fast to do. There's a coin value selector, and that's how you adjust your bets up and down. The minimum wager is $0.10 per spin, and the maximum is $90.00 per spin. Choose a level that's comfortable for you and play like that. Most gamblers will be able to use this slot without an issue, thanks to the wide range of bet options t choose from.

Quick Autoplay

Like many other modern slot games, this one has an autoplay feature as well. You can easily set the game to spin itself for between 10 and 1,000 spins. To do this, you press the autoplay button, just to the right of the normal spin. Then you select the spin count, and the game handles the rest for you. It's a convenient feature that many session players make heavy use of.

Generous Prizes on the Paytable

Unlike many other slots from Dragon Gaming, i-Scream offers some pretty reliable prize payouts for the top-value symbol combinations. You can unlock as many as 10,000 coins on a single spin, and you can do that with a few different combinations of symbols. Prizes drop to 5,000 coins from there and down further, but they're still very respectable, especially if you are wagering a decent amount.

Sticky Respins

Every single win you unlock while playing this slot game is accompanied by a sticky respin feature. This locks the win in place, respins the remaining spots on the reels, and gives you a chance to win more. If you win more, those symbols lock up as well, and you get another respin.

A Powerful Bonus Round

Getting three or greater of the Free Spins bonus symbols will trigger the special free spin round of this slot game. When you do that, you'll have between 9 and 12 free spins to start with. Over the course of those spins, the different low-value symbols are taken off the reels one at a time, giving you more opportunities to win valuable prizes. You can also trigger additional free spins each time you get three or more of the Free Spins symbols during this bonus game.

Try it For Free

If you're curious about this slot, you can test it for free. This game has a Demo feature that lets you run it just like you would with real money. The difference is that you get a play balance, and you won't win any real money. Other than that, the game works the same and is an experience that you'll get used to.

Wager Comfortable Amounts of Cash

As a real-money gambler, you can conveniently play this game at the level you are most comfortable with. As long as you're a member of a casino that has games from Dragon Gaming, and you have an account balance to work with, you can load i-Scream and play it for real money at a bet level of your choosing. Set the wager to an amount that you're comfortable with and begin playing just like that. It's simple to do and worth the effort.

Big Wild Wins

Getting 30 wilds on the reels, or 30 of the top-paying symbol or a combination of the two will reward you with 10,000 coins. That's a huge prize payout and certainly something for you to get excited about. If you're trying to win big with slot games, this one gives you an opportunity to do so.

Just an Okay RTP

This game has an RTP (return to player value) of 95.54%. That's a decent value, but it isn't the best that we've seen either. Many other games from this developer are more significant than 96%. Still, we feel pretty good about recommending this slot as a good value, and it's a lot of fun with its features as well to make things even better.

Android and iOS Devices Supported

There's something enjoyable about playing slot games on mobile devices where you can move around conveniently. You can do that using Android and iOS devices with this slot. The game runs smoothly in the web browser of most modern mobile devices, which means you can swap from one device to the next without worrying about compatibility issues at all. Change things up, and you'll always be ready to place wagers and have fun with this slot.

Our Rating

After fully reviewing this slot game, we decided to give it a 4.8 out of 5.0 stars. It's one of our favorites to play thanks to its excellent prizes, fun re-spin feature, beautiful graphics, and dynamic feel. It isn't perfect, but it's pretty close.

If you're looking for a spooky slot that's also fun to play and a good value, you should test i-Scream for yourself. It's one of the best options from Dragon Gaming, in our opinion, and you'll have a lot of fun playing through the rounds of this slot if you're willing to test it out at least once.