IC Wins Slots

With the holidays coming up and snow covering the streets, it is the perfect time to saddle up next to your fireplace and play IC Wins Slots. This winter-themed slots game is the best thing to get you in the holiday groove while potentially winning some money as well.

This game, brought to you up Realtime Gaming, is free on any computer or mobile device and offers over 4,000 different ways of winning real money. With multipliers that can go up to seven times the original bet, there are plenty of opportunities with this slot to make some money in the cold scenery of IC Wins Slots while staying warm in the comfort of your own home.

Displayed in this game is a six-by-four reel that depicts detailed and fun symbols like a polar bear, snow leopard, and a friendly and cozy campfire, but the big winner is the hunter. If you happen to be having a lucky enough day on the slots to see six hunters displayed on a pay line, that equals out to a 250x payout of the bet placed!

Bonus Features Make Spinning Even More Fun In IC Wins Slots

What makes this game unique and intriguing to its users is its guaranteed re-spin win with the multiplier. Say you are having a bit of bad luck and fall short on a few spins, then you can simply wait for the randomly selected re-spin on any losing spin, and it will guarantee you a win with a multiplier from 1 through 7 for free!

As well as the re-spin feature, also be on the lookout for the scatter symbols that can trigger a free spins round that can earn you serious money. These scatter symbols are precious as three scatters will earn you eight free spins, four scatters will earn you 12 free spins, and five scatters will earn you 16 free spins, all of which include a randomly applied multiplier.

Affordable Coin Size Options Gives Everyone A Chance With IC Wins Slots

With IC Wins Slots, you can bet as low as $0.01 and up to $1, but with its 6-reel design, a $1 bet on all 50 possible coins can lead you to a payout of over $4,500 per spin! As well as all the fun you will have by playing IC Wins Slots, it is also recognized as being very kind to its players, with a 96% RTP rating.

It's time to get your hot chocolate, grab your warmest blanket, and nestle into your couch to win some serious money while also having the best winter fun imaginable while playing IC Wins Slots.