Captain Cash Slots

Now, if this doesn’t sound like a superhero-themed slot, we’re not sure what does. Captain Cash sounds like he could be a useful guy to meet, which is why you might be surprised to see what awaits you when you load the game. This is an older entry into the range of Betsoft titles, so it is not of the current high standard we expect from them.

Don’t let that deter you though, because there are some fascinating features to learn about here.

Reels and win lines

You only have three reels to spin in this game, although five lines have been provided for us to enjoy.

Coin values in play

Two cents are allowed per coin as the smallest value. A maximum of five coins are playable per payline as well. There are other coins in action too if you wish to bet more.

Captain Cash special symbols

Well, it would be a surprise if Captain Cash didn’t appear in the game named after him. He gives us a helping hand with prizes too, since he is used as a wild symbol.

The other symbols are all based around a pirate theme, so we are not talking about a superhero after all, but the captain of a pirate ship. We can go with that! The treasure chest is a treat to find if three appear on a paid line, since this will bring you 100 coins.

Bonus features to watch out for

As you might guess from a three-reel game, a bonus cannot be found. You can however try for the captain’s jackpot. This can be won if the captain turns up three times on a line you placed a bet on. You then get 1,000x your bet on that line as a prize. However, this would only be paid with a five-coin bet. The jackpot is reduced to 750 coins for anything less.

Download, play, and win with Captain Cash slots today!

So, Captain Cash is in charge of a pirate ship rather than out saving a city. However, the theme is a good one and is always popular with slot game players. If you are keen on trying Captain Cash slots, be sure to adjust your bet so you can play the maximum five coins. Winning the 1,000x jackpot would sure be a nice way to round off your time with this game.

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Captain Cash Slots

Type3-reel, classic
Coin size$0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00
Coins per line1
Max Bet$5
Fun moneyyes
SymbolsDouble BAR, Pirate, Scroll, Single BAR, Skull ‘n Cross Bone Flag, Treasure Chest, Triple BAR
Instant playyes
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