Take Santa's Shop Slots

When it's that time of the year again, there's no better way to get into the mood for some Holiday Cheer than a themed slot game like Take Santa's Shop from BetSoft. When we first found this slot game, we were delighted by the theme of the game and the unique features such as the ornament bombs. Nice graphics and a few catchy features don't make a slot worth playing, though. That's why we knew we had to do a complete review of the game. If you're interested in finding another holiday slot to play, read through this interview for more information. After a short time reading our writeup, you may have a slot you're interested in playing.

Created by BetSoft

This slot is a creation from BetSoft. It's designed with modern features and made to appeal to most gamblers. BetSoft is one of the leaders in the gambling industry, and players that are serious about playing the best slots will enjoy the features that this game has to offer them.

A Video Slot Game

This slot is a modern-day video slot with all the features you would expect from a top-quality game like this one. It's simple to use but comes loaded with bonus features, random wilds, and other perks that you'll want to watch for as you spin the reels.

Themed After Santa's Workshop

This holiday-themed slot game is based around Santa's workshop and getting ready for the holidays. The game has Santa, a reindeer, a sleigh, and some interesting additions such as a robber and a bomb. It's entertaining, unique, and still familiar enough for most holiday enthusiasts to have a good time with.

20 Fixed Paylines

There are a total of twenty paylines for this slot game, and they're fixed in position the entire time you play. That's good news for the gamblers that enjoy simplicity but not so great for the players that want to wager a specific amount. You'll wager on 20 paylines with every spin, no matter what bet amount you set.

Easy Wagering: Limited Options

This slot is perfect for low-stakes players and mid-level bettors as well. The minimum wager amount of $0.20 per spin is good enough for most of the gamblers out there that want to play at a comfortable level. The maximum wager of $20.00 is where things become disappointing with this slot. That's not enough to satisfy many gamblers, which is the real issue. High rollers won't want to play this game. Wagering is simple, though, and adjusting the bet amount up or down only requires pressing a single set of plus and minus symbols.

An Advanced Autospin

This game comes with an advanced auto spin feature that allows players to choose the number of spins and the wager amount. Just select the auto spin button, get the settings right, and let the game do the rest. The feature is powerful and makes it easy to get the reels turning for the specific amount you want.

Watch for Ornament Bombs

One feature that's very impressive about this game is the ornament bombs. These special symbols countdown from 10 and then transform into wild symbols for more chances to get prize payouts. The Holiday Robber symbols change into ornament bombs, so you should always be on the lookout for either of those two symbols and watch for when they detonate because that's when you'll get some of your best wins while playing this game.

A Reserved Paytable

This slot has an extremely reserved paytable that's safe and low at the same time. A big win when playing this slot amounts to a payout worth just 3x your total wager amount. The next best payout matches your wager amount itself. With those kinds of payouts, you must get combinations of wins in order to really make out well while playing this slot. Fortunately, with the wilds and the special ornament bombs, it's easy to get some seriously good combinations.

Santa's Sleigh Free Spins

Whenever players get three or more of the Santa's Sleigh symbols, an exclusive free spin bonus round gets triggered. This special bonus gives you 15 free spins with 5, 7, or 10 wilds that are scattered on the reels. These wilds change positions each spin, and they create loads of opportunities to trigger some serious prizes.

Demo the Slot

This game is optimized to run on a computer or another device without requiring real money to play. Load it in Demo Mode and enjoy all the features of the game you would get when playing in real money mode. The only difference is you will win play money if you get a win with this slot. You won't have a chance to win any actual money while playing this game in Demo mode.

Play for Real

When you decide you like this slot game enough, you can switch to real money mode and play the game for real cash. When you play in this mode, you have a chance to win serious money and to play with real money. The features of this game are simple to understand, which is a good thing for new players that don't like feeling overwhelmed. The moment you load this slot, you'll understand what to do.

A Small Maximum Win

Although this slot comes with plenty of features, its maximum prize payout isn't impressive in the least. Gamblers that manage to get the highest win while playing will walk away with less than $10,000. This is a sizeable win, but it isn't very large compared to the payouts some other slots are offering.

A Generous RTP

This game features an RTP or return to the player value of 96.08%. That's high enough to give gamblers a good chance to win their money back while playing. Not only is there a good chance to break even when playing this game, but the decent RTP value makes it easier to win good prizes as well.

Play on Mobile

This game runs flawlessly on most mobile devices. Load the game on your smartphone or tablet and experience all the same features you can get on a full-sized version of the game. The only difference is the screen is smaller in size, but the game looks clear and is simple to lay even with a smaller screen. Learn to use the features of this game on mobile, and you can play it just as conveniently as you would on a standard slot game.

Our Rating

After playing through a full test session with this slot, we decided to give it a 3.7 out of 5.0 stars. We gave it this lower rating because the prize payouts are so small and there aren't quite enough features to make up for the smaller wins. With that said, the slot pays out frequently, it has a generous RTP, and the ornament bombs and free spins make things interesting. If you enjoy frequent prize wins and don't mind them being small, this game is a lot of fun.

Take Santa's Shop is a slot game worth trying if you want to win frequently and you don't need huge prize payouts. This game is all about winning combinations of payouts, and it can be really entertaining when played properly. Load up this game and try to get some prize-winning combinations to keep the fun going.