Quest to the West Slots

Quest to the West is a modern slot game that was put together by BetSoft. This slot immediately stood out to us because of its lush scenery and beautiful animated waterfall, but nice looks don't necessarily make a solid slot game. That's why we made a full review of this game to help us decide if it's worth playing at or not. Learn all about this slot game below and see if it's a slot worth signing up for and playing or not.

A BestSoft Slot

BetSoft is one of the biggest names in the gambling industry and is responsible for some of the highest quality slot games released as well. That's why it's no surprise that this beautiful and unique creation was put together by the same development company. If you're interested in trying out some interesting slots, it's worth taking a look at the BetSoft game library.

A Mythical Asian Theme

Every aspect of this slot has a magical feel to it while also having a Western or Asian theme to it. You'll notice things like the cherry blossom tree and the temple at the top of the clifftop. These features and the incorporation of the animals give this slot a unique feel that helps make it enjoyable to play.

A Standard Slot Design

With a 5x3 reel design, this slot has a very standard look. It's a beautiful game with some nice features, but it's laid out like most other slot games that you'll come across while gambling online. If you're searching for something unique or different, you may be disappointed by the layout of this game, but it should be very familiar to you.

A Modern Video Slot Game

This slot is a pretty standard video slot game that has a variety of symbols and special features. It has more modern features than basic classic slot games, but it doesn't come loaded with the progressive jackpot rewards that some other slots offer their gamblers.

A Standard 25 Paylines

This slot comes loaded with a pretty basic 25 payline structure. Each spin you complete gives you excellent chances of unlocking some prize wins, but the game feels pretty well balanced and standard overall.

Low Stakes and High Stakes Wagering

It makes no difference whether you are interested in low stakes gambling or you want to ramp things up and go for a major payout. You can place bets at a level that you're comfortable with either way. For the more reserved gamblers, you can place wagers as small as $0.04 and keep the reels turning for hours on a small bankroll. For the players looking for big wins and more excitement, the slot allows you to wager up to $80 per spin while turning the reels. Either way, you can play at a level you enjoy.

A Modest Paytable

The one downside to this slot that we noticed immediately is the paytable payouts. There aren't many compelling wins that will have you turning the reels in excitement. If you're willing to wager the maximum amount, the top fixed payout that you're going to get from this game is just $3,0000. That's a solid win, but it can't compare to many of the other slot games available today.

Walking Monkey Spins

The wild monkey king symbols are the key to winning more prize payouts and to keeping things exciting. They will improve your odds of triggering prize wins as you spin the reels, and they can lead to better bonuses as well. Get three or more of the symbols and you trigger the Walking Monkey bonus. In this bonus round the monkey kings all begin to migrate out West. Each time at least one of the wilds remains on the reels you get a free spin. If new monkey kings arrive while the free spins are going you will get even more free spins.

Unlock the Riches of Heaven

The Walking Monkey feature also fills up the special bonus meter at the side of the screen. Each time the feature is triggered the meter fills up by ⅓. That means triggering the walking feature three times will unlock a much more exciting bonus round for you. During this special bonus round, you immediately unlock a 1,000x prize payout that's multiplied by your line bet amount. It's a nice boost and it's a prize worth playing for if you plan on sticking around at the slot game for an extended period.

A Rock Solid RTP

One of the easiest tools for judging the quality of a slot game if you don't want to spend time playing around with it is to look at the RTP of the game or the return to player. The higher this value is, the more valuable and worthwhile the slot game is. In other words, if you're looking for a slot that's worth playing, you want a high RTP. This game offers a 97.53% RTP, which is an excellent value that's worth playing for.

Our Slot Rating Score

After taking a look at this slot game and all the features that it offers, we are happy to give this slot game a 4.2 out of 5.0. It has an excellent RTP percentage, making it a great value for gamblers looking to win consistently. It's a beautiful slot with enough features to keep things interesting over time. The main reason we took away points from this game is because of its small prize payouts. There aren't any compelling prize wins other than the instant Heaven bonus payout, which means that some gamblers will become bored of this game quickly.

Only Modest Winners with this Slot

There aren't any huge winners with this slot game, which means that you don't have massive prize payouts to look forward to while spinning the reels. Instead, you have more modest wins that will come to you very regularly. As long as you play this game you can get some solid wins worth around 20x to 50x, but the larger wins will be much rarer. The biggest win you can get is worth 1,000x and you'll have to trigger three separate special features before you unlock this bonus.

Try it for Fun

Before you play this game with real money on the line, you can opt to try it out in a free play mode. During that mode you can test out all the different features of the game without risking any of your own money in the process. Just select Play Demo or Play for Fun depending on the casino and start wagering with play money. You can try all the features of the game in this mode and you won't risk any of your own money in the process.

Start Wagering for Real Money

When you're ready to start playing for real cash prizes, you can easily turn on the real money wagering features of this game. Just choose Play for Real on a casino account that you already funded with cash and you'll be ready to go. Once you do that, you can immediately start spinning the reels and playing for real cash prize payouts.

Conveniently Play on Android or iOS

One of the thrills of playing at a good modern casino is taking your favorite games with you on the go. You can certainly do that with this slot game. It's designed to run smoothly on most mobile devices so you can very easily load up the game and play on a smartphone or tablet whenever you feel like it. The game loads in a mobile web browser and doesn't require any sort of download in order to play on the move.

Quest to the West isn't a perfect slot game, but it comes loaded with enough features to make it worth playing for all sorts of gamblers. It's a lot of fun for the right players, and it's beautiful enough to draw in new players as well. Test it out for yourself and see if it's the game that you want to play around with or not.