The Hive Slots

As summer arrives what better way is there to celebrate than a honeycomb-shaped slot game featuring bright sunny skies, and a full cast of bugs and flowers. The Hive is a new slot that's all about sunshine, fun, and loads of bugs and special features. It's a slot unlike any that we've seen before, and we're not just talking about the unique hexagonal shaped reels either. We were immediately taken in by the unique form-factor of this slot and decided we had to do a complete review of this exciting new game.

Crafted by Betsoft

This game was made by Betsoft, which means it's going to come with reliable features and respectable payouts as well. This slot isn't the perfect game for everyone, but it's dependable, stylish, and a lot of fun as well. If you're looking for something new and exciting to try out, you should take a moment to look at what this game has to offer you.

Easy Wagering

Wagering is quick and easy to do. To place your wager you just have to press the right or left arrows to adjust your wager up and down. These buttons are simple to activate and they adjust the bet amount immediately. If you're looking for a slot that's simple to play, this one is quick and easy to get going with.

Cluster Pays Not Lines

The shape of this slot game should be a clue that standard paylines are utilized when playing it. Gamblers that play this game will try and win in clusters instead. The players will spin the reels and try to get three or more symbols together in different directions. Win in an up-and-down orientation or side-to-side, it doesn't matter!

Win Bigger with the Queen Symbols

The queen bee symbols can lead to bigger and better wins. These symbols increase the prize multiplier that you get when you achieve a winning combination of symbols. Get enough queen symbols and you'll uncover a massive prize win if you're fortunate enough to get the right combination.

Fill Up the Honey Jar for Free Spins

As you turn the reels you'll notice little honey bees swooping in to fill up their buckets of honey. This honey is added to the oversized honey jar at the side of the screen. Once it's all the way filled up you'll enjoy a special free spin bonus round where you can play for big prizes while enjoying more multipliers and free chances at nice wins.

Play For Free

There's no need to spend real money in order to experience this unique slot game. You can try out all the features offered for free in the Demo mode version of this game. In this special mode you'll have a play money balance that you wager with. Set your wager limit to a comfortable level and turn the reels for a chance at some impressive prize payouts.

Play on Mobile

This slot game is designed to operate on a wide range of different devices. You can load it up on a mobile phone or a tablet device as well as a standard computer if you like. No matter what you want to play on, you can enjoy this game by spinning the reels in the web browser of your favorite device. Just sign into your casino account, open this slot game and start playing.

The Hive is a lovely slot game that's perfect for summer gambling. It uses a cluster payout system that leads to frequent wins, the slot offers decent bonuses with predictable triggers so you always know when to keep playing and when you can stop. It's not the right game for everyone, but if you're looking for a unique slot with a fun bonus feature and a unique set of payment conditions this is a good game to try.