Legend of Singing Fan Slots

Myth and legend are the stuff of many a slot game. You’ll see how that works when you discover the Legend of Singing Fan – a captivating title for a slot game that is quite captivating on its own.

The loading screen reveals a few hints of what is to come, but we’ve gone deeper to see the detail. That’s what we are going to reveal to you here.

Developer information

The game comes from Wager Gaming, which should tell you more about how good this is likely to be.

It comes with the usual demo game too

You can always play Wager Gaming titles in practice format, and that could be the best way to get started with this one as well.

A theme with an Asian flavor

The design, icons, and theme all point to a setting in Asia, perhaps China to be exact. You’ll see this repeated throughout the game.

Explore the design in detail

Detail is certainly the keyword to use there. The game has a beautiful color palette in action, with many charming shades that are easy on the eye. The creators have opted to use the typical letters and numbers to show as the cheaper symbols. However, each of those is shown in gold on a colored fan, so that title comes into play in multiple places.

How to play Legend of Singing Fan

The game has five reels, but they enjoy a different design as each one shows three symbols on a scroll. It shows the level of detail that is used throughout the game.

You can see three special symbols in action during the game. The first is a Chinese woman brandishing a fan. She’s wild and can pay out on her own too. Next up is the magpie scatter. There is another scatter too though, and this is the fan.

One thing you won’t find here is a progressive jackpot, although there is much else still to be discovered.

Paylines in Legend of Singing Fan

There are 10 to cover in this game.

Bets for this game

You’ve got lots of coins to choose from, ranging from one cent through to five dollars.

The golden paytable button

Watch out for this… it’s underneath reel two. It gives you access to several useful pages of information about the game.

Three magpies take you to the bonus

They must land on the odd-numbered reels to count. If you find them, you can visit the Chinese woman in her palace. A game of Fan Tan then begins. You must choose one of the boxes you are presented with. Then, the woman deals the pebbles and you can see if the amount in your box matches what has been dealt. If it does, you win the related prize.

However, it is possible you may exit this round without winning anything. That’s what happened when we played it, unfortunately. Choose wisely!

What about winning some free spins?

A minimum of three scattered fans would be enough to take you into the free spin feature. You could get a differing quantity of spins depending on how many fans turn up to start with.

An unknown RTP

We don’t yet know what the return to player value is for this new slot game. However, we’ll be sure and let you know when we find it.

Our rating for Legend of Singing Fan

This is a thrilling game with some neat touches. We think it would be better if the bonus offered a guaranteed prize instead of all or nothing. However, the free games are good, and the design is lovely too. It’s worth a score of 7 out of 10, for sure.

The biggest prize on the paytable is…

Winners could expect to get up to 1,000 coins in this game on a single line. That would be possible with five wilds on a paid line.

Play the demo to get things underway

There is a good opportunity here to test the game and work out how your budget might stretch over as many spins as possible. And if you find you don’t like it, you won’t lose anything for trying it first.

The real version is available too at all Wager Gaming casinos

It’s a great slot to play, even if it doesn’t prove to be a favorite. Try it and see what you think.

Mobile versions are available too

You can play Legend of Singing Fan on Android and iOS instead if you wish – ideal for playing no matter where you are.