Pixiu Slots

Pixiu is an online slot game that’s themed after Chinese mythology. There are exciting symbols like eagles, red and green dragons and the firebird to look at as you play through the rounds of this slot. Each of the symbols is carefully styled and designed to look their best, and from the moment you get started with this slot game it should be clear that the designers cared about production value. The slot is simple in appearance, but it’s far from a simple classic slot like it looks. We did a full test review of this slot, and our results are down below. Keep reading to learn more.

Major Betting Options

On the surface Pixiu looks like a classic slot game, but it’s definitely not that. This slot game is much more advanced, and you’ll realize that the first time that ou go to wager. You have the option to bet between $0.02 per spin all the way up to $200 per spin. That top wager limit is almost unheard of in a classic slot game, and it means that high rollers can enjoy everything that this slot game has to offer as well.

Playing Through the Levels

Pixiu is best for gamblers that don’t mind taking the time to go through at least 75 spins before they can unlock its full potential. This slot game is set up with different gambling levels, and as you progress from one level to the next you will have a chance to win bigger and better prize payouts. The first level lasts for your initial 25 spins. After you get to spin 26 you move to level 2. The same thing happens for every 25 spins that you go through until you reach the top level. At level 4 you will win the biggest and best payouts available from this slot game, and this is where you want to stay for as long as you possibly can.

Special Bonuses

There are a few different bonus features available for you to take advantage of in Pixiu. These are all triggered by the gold coin symbol. Get three gold coins anywhere on the reels and you’ll trigger one of three different bonus rounds. You click one of the coins on the reels to determine what bonus you’ll get. There are instant payout bonuses and a free spin bonus round that you can trigger. If you get the free spin bonus round the number of free spins that you unlock is determined by the level that you are currently on. If you’re on Level 1 you will get 10 free spins and at Level 4 you get 25 spins, with the other levels coming in somewhere in between those values. Finally there is a special bonus round where you enter a chamber and have to choose coins. The right coins make the Pixiu grow larger and increases your prize payout, the wrong coins will end the round.

Random Jackpots

There are three different jackpot payouts in Pixiu for you to unlock. These jackpots range I size from just a few thousand dollars, to more than ten thousand dollars, to tens of thousands of dollars in prize payouts. These jackpots trigger randomly and can be won at any time. There is no way to guarantee that you will get a jackpot and there is no symbol combination for it either. You just need to get lucky enough to randomly trigger the jackpot, and then you will be in the money.

Mobile Gambling

We were really impressed with how smoothly Pixiu works on mobile device ssuch as a tablets and smartphones. The game loads right up in the browser of these devices and is simple and easy to play. You can go through round after round of the slot game just as you would on a computer, and you will enjoy the same exact experience overall. If you like gambling while on the go, that’s just another reason to test out Pixiu.

Pixiu is a cool looking slot game that’s pretty simple to play overall. It offers some exceptional payouts and good solid jackpot bonuses for you to try for. IT has cool dragons, phoenixes and other symbols that you won’t see everyday, and the slot is a good value if you like to gamble for big wins. Test it out today and you might love it as much as we did.

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Pixiu Slots

SoftwareArrow's Edge
Type3-reel, bonus, progressive, video
Coin size$0.10
Coins per line10
Fun moneyno
SymbolsAce, Coin, Dragon, Eagle, Jade Ring, King, Phoenix, Queen
Bonus roundFree Spins Feature, Jade & Gold Bonus
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