Signs You’re Crypto-obsessed

The rise in the value of Bitcoin a few months ago made general headlines - reaching way more people than would usually be the case. That's got more people interested in the virtual currency, and in other cryptocurrencies too.

There is a fine line between being knowledgeable about these currencies and being obsessed with them. Do you know where that line is? If you're truly fascinated and obsessed by them, here are a few signs you might recognize.

You wake up each day and read the latest news about cryptocurrencies

You've probably got news feeds set up specifically for that type of news. You get Google Alerts for Bitcoin and other keywords. You get emails, newsletters, and other info from other cryptocurrency fans.

You always know the latest value of your favorite virtual currencies

This is good to know, but you probably know the latest values without even thinking about it. You're so plugged in, you can guess the latest exchange rate with just a small margin for error.

You have several wallets holding several cryptocurrencies

Maybe you started with Bitcoin, but you're continuing to invest in other cryptocurrencies as well. You don't just invest though - you make purchases with your virtual currencies, and you're always looking to add new ones in new wallets too.

Your ears prick up every time you hear about a new cryptocurrency

You're so tuned into news about this marketplace, you know the second a new currency is added to the mix. You might even buy some of it very early on, to add to that new collection of wallets you have.

Whenever you are buying something from a website, you always look and see if they accept Bitcoin or another virtual currency

Looking for the B with two lines through it? If Bitcoin is accepted at a site, chances are you will go for that method of payment. You probably also frequent some sites that accept several online currencies.

You're always trying to insert the topic into any conversation

Because you love it so much, right? Cryptocurrencies are fascinating to you, and you want to do all you can to spread the word. And since you're obsessed, you are keen to tell as many people as possible about the exciting world of cryptocurrencies.