Fast & Sexy vs. Reign of Gnomes

Reign of Gnomes Slots

The battle of the century looms with two popular slots going head to head for the ultimate crown of champions! Casino brings forth two recent slot releases which have proved to be instant hits. Reign of Gnomes Slots faces off against Fast & Sexy Slots in a battle to the death. The first instalment of the Battle of the Slots will determine who has the advantages in the second leg. The fight promises to be hotly contested with a battle to the bitter end. Both slots are engaging 5-reel games loaded with great casino features and bonus rounds. Both have amazingly immersive themes and great wagering systems. However, there are many differences.

Fast & Sexy: Girls, Cars & Money

The combination of fast cars and sexy women is unbeatable. Throw money into the mix, and it gets even more intense. You have magnificent fast cars and feminine ladies dominating every aspect of this slot game. The design is stylish and centred around the principal theme. The 5-reels are superimposed upon red-hot sports tyres and a blood red sports car adding some fantastic animations. As the car roars into action, the reels commence spinning adding a dramatic effect to the gameplay.

Sexy Symbols

The symbols used during the game are similarly colourful and vibrant. They include the radiant faces of four beautiful and sexy women. Then there are the higher card value symbols ranging from ten, up to ace. Each card symbol depicts a different capital city. The Wild is repressed by the Purple Wild icon. The other two significant symbols are the blue and white Free Spins icon and the green and white bonus symbol. The Wild replaces other standard game symbols to create winning payouts. Landing five Wild pays out the game's maximum of 10,000 times the wager amount. Heavy rock distorted guitar music accompanied gameplay creating an exciting collage of images, wagering and sound. The scantily dressed girls enter the scene to help players celebrate the more significant wins. The slot game's road racing graphics really raise the bar. The 3D graphics bring out the best qualities of the game, which is also available as a mobile version.

Fast Bonuses

The bonus game, the Pick 'Em Multiplier round, adds extreme action and multiple chances to gain a hefty payout. Players can gain a payout of $240 if they land any of the multipliers, which are 6x, 8x, and 10x the bet amount. A standard spin can create a payout of 500 coins worth up to $250. To add to the excitement, the Wild symbol will expand when it emerges and lands on the reels. The 20 pay lines combine well with the 5-reels as the basis for wagering. The game delivers on every front. Will it be enough to win against Reign of Gnomes? We shall see.

Reign Of Gnomes

Reign Of Gnomes is a fantasy themed slot game which creates massive excitement and has fantastic gameplay. Fans of mystical, fantasy games will find Reign of Gnomes right up their street. The 5-reel layout is joined by a massive number of pay lines, 243! This means the choice of wagers is virtually unlimited. Aficionados of fantasy games will probably vote for Reign of Gnomes, and the game is fully loaded with fantastic features. The graphics are particularly vibrant and impressive. There is an elaborate scene depicting the rippling sea and reflecting the gnome's castle and village. Since there are so many pay lines, the game is somewhat more complicated than standard 5-reel slots. Five gnome characters appear continually on the reels as they spin. Each time players win a payout, the king and queen gnomes embrace and celebrate with the player. They are also central to the game's storyline. Other animated symbols include the princess daughter gnome with her cute pet dragon a wine-guzzling gnome and another two gnome warriors. As players spin the reels, the characters come vividly to life.

Dragon's Spin Bonus Round

The bonus round incorporated into Reign of Gnomes is a fun and entertaining game that adds value and winning chance. Players can earn between 5 to 20 free spins on top of any winning payouts. Prior to every free spin, players get to spin the wheel of fortune, which turns up before each spin, effectively doubling the chances of winning a hefty payout. The bonus round has a somewhat complicated set up but can reward players handsomely. The wheel contains three separate multipliers. There is a Wild symbol that turns up on the wheel of fortune. Furthermore, there is an exceptional Spin-Til-You-Win symbol which also has a progressive multiplier. As if that weren't enough, the Diamond symbol can transport players to another bonus round with no less than five levels. The game certainly gets top points for complexity and engagement. The highest payout the game offers with a $10 stake is $250, which is pretty decent. There are no pay lines as such, but there are 243 ways to win, which really opens up the scope of the betting. Casino Casino is more than just a slots destination. There are all types of classic casino games. Players will find a generous selection of table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and Video Poker. There are some great speciality games as well including Bingo, scratch cards, Keno, and even Sudoku! Players will also discover some original and traditional Chinese Dice games. For instance, there are seven different versions of Blackjack all the way from classic Blackjack to Zappit. Nevertheless, the slot games are what really stand out. The choice is exceptional and comprehensive. With everything from classic 3-reel slots, to more complex 5-reel video slots, taking in bonus slots, free spins slots, and progressive jackpots.