Expedition Atlantis

The exceptional Bitstarz Casino has launched what is quite possibly the most thrilling casino promotion they’ve rolled out to date, and it’s one in which you could bag yourself a trip of a lifetime to the Bahamas and an amazing $50,000. This cool casino promo blows others right out of the water as this brilliant bitcoin casino continues to go from strength to strength, delivering the kind of giveaways that so many players are looking for.

The Expedition Atlantis Bitstarz promotion is a fantastical underwater slots adventure that’s serving up an absolutely huge 40 levels of serious slots fun with each of those levels providing you with the chance to scoop the whopping $50,000 cash prize and it’s all about spinning those Bitstarz slots reels as hard as you can and cranking up the points, especially if you want to win that all inclusive trip to the Bahamas.

No matter what your slots skills are and regardless of whether you play on your home PC in the excellent Bitstarz instant play casino or on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet in the state of the art Bitstarz mobile casino the exceptional Expedition Atlantis is simply awesome and should you score that top prize then you'll be staying at the Hotel Atlantis in the beautiful Bahamas where you'll not need spend a cent during your entire stay as everything is on the house.

That really is one great casino giveaway and so typical of Bitstarz to make it such a very cool destination that the winner gets to head to. All you'll need do to get yourself in the mix is to have your Bitstarz account open and to hit the reels and new players can also take advantage of the balance boosting Bitstarz welcome bonus which provides you with a free $500 and 20 free Bitstarz slots spins to get you going with.