Bodog 94 Club

You’ve heard of Bodog Casino, no doubt, but have you discovered the treats behind the doors of the Bodog 94 Club yet? While the name doesn’t reveal much other than the existence of this club, we have more details of what lies behind the doors if you are welcomed through them as a new member.

While regular members of the casino get cash rewards and other great VIP elements, the member of the Bodog 94 Club will receive far more. How about double the typical cash rewards, for example? That is a great start, but there is plenty more on offer here as well. Weekly bonus amounts, superb customer service, promotions, benefits… you name it, the team at Bodog Casino has squeezed in everything they can think of.

This is taking VIP membership to the next level. If you play a lot at Bodog and this is your favorite casino to visit, becoming part of the Bodog 94 Club could well be a good move to make. Check out the opportunities and features of this club today, so you can see whether you could benefit if you join.