Vertcoin is based on a similar program to that of Bitcoin and is a peer to peer currency that is based on blockchain technology, however there are differences. Unlike when using Bitcoin and having all transactions on a public ledger, Vertcoin creates anonymous addresses and is therefore completely private however when it comes to Vertcoin online casino gaming, there’s another feature that makes this cryptocurrency extremely appealing.

The Vertcoin VertVersa feature built into the coin means that within a Vertcoin wallet there is an instant exchange that changes your Vertcoin to Bitcoin as you are making your transaction. This means that when sending Vertcoin, the merchant, or casino that you are sending to, will actually receive Bitcoin, and that really is a standout feature that means Vertcoin can not only be used in Vertcoin casinos, but also Bitcoin casinos too, of which there are now many. You don’t have to use the VertVersa feature of course, and you may simply send Vertcoin, and below you'll find a selection of great flash and mobile casinos that welcome this highly innovative cryptocurrency.

Vertcoin Casinos