Stratis Coin was launched in 2016 and was initially made available during the STRATIS ICO which raised over $600K in funding to begin Stratis development work. Using blockchain technology, Stratis as a company, aims to provide solutions to companies in the financial sector and creates custom blockchain applications tailored to individual needs. Fully customizable applications can be created, saving companies the time and money to design and build their own, and the actual Stratis token quickly became a popular virtual currency with traders.

As is the next step for many cryptocurrencies, Stratis then appeared as a depositing and withdrawal option in many virtual currency casinos. As Startis acts very much like Bitcoin, it’s fast, simple and safe when being used as a casino banking option and while the number of Stratis casino is small at present, that number is sure to grow, as cryptocurrency of all types gain more mainstream attention. Here you'll find a selection of Stratis casinos that allow you to play a selection of slots and games on your PC or mobile device and as more Stratis casinos are launched, we’ll be sure to update the list.