Birthday Bash Slots

Birthday Bash is a pretty unique slot game with a fun celebratory theme that will appeal to most players. The slot adds in some mechanics that you aren’t likely to find on any other slot games, and that’s why we just had to test it out. Read on to find out what unique features this slot has to offer and why you need to try it out for yourself.

A Low Stakes Slot

Birthday Bash is a slot game that’s targeted more toward low stakes gamblers than anyone else. That’s because there are just five coin sizes to choose from and they are all pretty low. The coin sizes range from a low of $0.02 to a high of $0.50 and with just15 paylines to spread them over that means your maximum wager amount is just $7.50 per spin. That’s not something that will bother a low stakes gambler, but high rollers aren’t likely to be too excited about this slot game. You can wager between $0.30 and $7.50, but the biggest wins come from risking as much as possible, so try and wager as much as you comfortably can to make the most of this slot.

Watch for Wilds

Birthday Bash has a pretty plain wild symbol that just reads “Wild”. This symbol does exactly what you would expect it to, it subs in for everything other than the scatter symbols. What that means is that you will win prizes more regularly with help from this wild, and without it you will have a tough time triggering prizes.

Every Payout is a Multiplier

Unlike other slot games where the wins you get result in coin payouts, all the wins in Birthday Bash result in a multiplier that’s applied to your entire wager amount. You can win anywhere from 1x your total wager amount up to 500x your total wager amount with this slot. The fireworks are the most valuable symbol and getting five of them will give you a 500x payout. Next is the cake symbol, which is worth up to a 300x payout, and finally the last symbol to watch out for is the set of win glasses that are worth up to 150x your total wager amount.

Using the Hold Feature

There is a very cool hold feature in Birthday Bash, much like in video poker. After you spin the reels and don’t win a prize, you are allowed to hold up to four of the reels in place for your next spin. This gives you some control over the symbols that you have out on the reels and will help you make the most of the wilds and the other high value symbols as they show up. You are allowed to hold a position for up to five spins or until you change the wager amount or you get a win.

A Cool Win Pick Feature

If you manage to get a rid gift symbol on the reels, usually on the last reel, you will trigger the special Win Pick bonus feature. In this feature you must choose a present out of the row and hope that you can move on to the next round of present choices higher up on the reels. Choose the right present and you increase to the next level, choose the wrong present and you immediately collect your winnings, or choose the other present to increase your payout. The best way to play this feature is to increase your winnings and then get the up arrow to go to the next level where you will try for even better prizes. Keep picking and hope for the best from this potentially high paying feature.

We thoroughly enjoy Birthday Bash the slot game because of the unique way that the slot works. By adding in a hold function on each of the reels, and multiplying every win by the entire wager amount, the slot is different and has a good feel to it compared to the other slot games that are offered today. That’s why we thoroughly recommend the slot and why so many gamblers seem to enjoy it.  

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Birthday Bash Slots

Type5-reel, bonus, video
Coin size$0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50
Coins per line1
Max Bet$7.50
Fun moneyyes
SymbolsBalloons, Birthday Cake, Birthday Hat, Champagne, Chocolate, Fireworks, Greeting Сard, Party Hat, Party Horn, Present, Rose, Wild
Bonus roundWin Pick Bonus game
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