Eggomatic Slots

Eggomatic sounds like an adventurous machine of some kind, doesn't it? You are on the right track if you were thinking along those lines. The main screen for the Eggomatic slot shows a machine with that exact name. There are lots of birds involved here, all sitting on wires to the side of the machine. We guess the idea is to get as many eggs from them as possible.

However, your task is to win as many prizes as possible. So, let's see if you can do just that.

Formatting of reels and paylines

There are five reels, each shown as part of the machine. They don't spin as such, but you will get the idea. There are also 20 lines and several bet levels to work through.

Possible wagers

Assuming you bet on all the lines, you can play from 20 cents per spin up to a massive $200 per spin. The latter is achieved by increasing the bet level per spin.

Eggomatic special symbols

The blue chicken is the wild, replacing the other symbols in the game. Everything else is a chick or chicken of some kind, and you might notice they are all made of metal!

Possible bonuses to play

The bonuses in this game are all related to eggs, so we figure that makes sense. Watch the Eggomatic machine as you play. It releases an egg occasionally, and when it does so, it will plop onto the conveyor belt. This runs along the top of the reels, so the egg doesn't sit on the reels themselves.

Your task is to try and get a wild chicken underneath an egg. If you can do that, you will win a bonus feature. All the eggs that come from the machine have different features, so you will win whatever is associated with that egg.

Watch out for a coin win, a free spins egg, another egg that gives you spreading wilds, and a surprise egg. The latter will randomly give you one of the other bonuses to enjoy. You won't know which one until you crack it.

Download and play the Eggomatic slot today

This is an unusual game and one that has been nicely designed. We think it will appeal to lots of players, and if you are among them we'd recommend you give it a try. That Eggomatic machine is handy!