Birds! Slots Review

BIRDS slots is a superbly designed Betsoft mobile and flash casino slot and what a beauty it is, serving up those instantly recognizable and excellent Betsoft 3D graphics and animations and combining them with a slots theme that’ll have players spinning the reels like crazy. You have to doff your cap to the Betsoft design team for what they’ve created with BIRDS slots as it really is something different and unique, from the cute characters to the unique slots format, BIRDS serves up something different no matter which angle you look at it from.

The 5 BIRDS slots reels are full of our feathered friends and some of them are just so adorable, and what you’ll notice is that these birds are sat perched on a wire, rather than in a typical block format, and that’s something very cool from the off. There’s no ordinary spinning action either, as when you hit spin, the birds all fly away, and return to their perches in different’s all too cool!

So Different and So Much Fun!

The BIRDS! online slots format and the way you play is so much fun and watching those cute birds fly off instead of spinning around on the reels is unbelievably unique, however the symbols and the format are not the only unique aspects of BIRDS mobile or flash slots, as there’s also some very special features too.

The main BIRDS feature is that of the excellent freespins round and it all centers around the Free Flights Meter that you’ll see on the player interface. When the BIRDS slots freespins begin you’ll be provided with 4 free flights, now to save any confusion here, flights in this case refers to what we’d normally call ‘spins’, so now that’s cleared up....4 flights will equal 8 free rounds however you can add massively to the amount of BIRDS flights you are provided with, in fact you can be rewarded with limitless freespins of the BIRDS reels. As the Free Flight Meter increases so does the amount of freebies you’ll get, and you’ll also be provided with cool multipliers on top. There’s the multicolored BIRDS wild symbol which creates a ton of extra wins and adding to it all is the fact that you may use the double up feature after any winning spin to boost your balance at the flip of a coin.

A Must Play Betsoft Slot

If you’re a fan of great graphics, a different way to play and enjoy mobile slots and are looking for something that’s a step away from the norm, then BIRDS slots just has to be checked out. It’s different in almost every way, to the way the symbols appear on the reels, to the way the freespins are rewarded and also of course in the overall design. For a mobile slots experience that’s everything different, then we highly recommend that you check out the fantastic BIRDS slots, it really is a must play Betsoft slot.