Jumbo Joker Slots

Jumbo Poker online slots is a superb Betsoft slot and it’s one with so many unique traits and serves up a style all of its own. You'll see not just the one set of reels on the Jumbo Poker slots screen, but two and that’s just the first of the features that make this superb Betsoft slot so different. In a crazy mix between video poker and slots spinning, Jumbo Poker is able to be enjoyed in the very best Betsoft casinos and you may take to the two sets of fast spinning reels on your home PC or your mobile device, be that an iOS or Android tablet or phone, as Jumbo Poker mobile has been terrifically optimized for play on all devices.

As Jumbo Poker loads up, and it does that so quickly, you'll see superb slots imagery, with the great visuals that Betsoft are so well known for, and you'll see sets of classic slots symbols on those two sets of reels. It’s when you start spinning however that it gets so different. You'll be spinning one set of reels and then the other and you'll also see 4 different paytable too, and while it all looks a little complex upon first glance, you'll soon see just how easy to play and how enjoyable Jumbo Poker slots really is.

Watch That Jumbo Meter and Bag the Cash

You'll start by spinning the lower set of Jumbo Poker reels and on those reels you'll see oranges, cherries, bells, jokers and lemons and your task is to create the wins and collect the symbols. As you collect the icons they’ll whisk themselves away and place themselves in special holders in the paytable, paying out great wins when you complete a set, however it’s the joker symbols that you'll really be wanting to see, as when you've managed to collect three, you'll be taken to the higher set of reels, and that’s where the prizes get bigger.

On the higher Jumbo Poker reels you'll see the same symbols but the wins they create are bigger and the Jumbo Meter tells you how many high reels spins you have, and what you're accumulated win is. It really is a cool feature and it combines classic slots action with a little video poker thrown in the mix, and all served up in a very cool modern style.

Different Kind of Slots Fun

Jumbo Poker slots is different, hugely different from the majority of Betsoft’s creations and that’s a good thing. It provides players with a unique take on slots fun and it’s something that many players will most definitely enjoy. Fast action, one huge feature and another plus point is that it looks and plays just so good on all devices.

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Jumbo Joker Slots

ThemeClassic Slot Symbols
Type3-reel, classic
Coin size$0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00
Coins per lineup to 10
Max Bet$200
Fun moneyyes
SymbolsBell, Cherries, Grapes, Joker, Lemon, Orange, Seven, Treasure Chest, Watermelon
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