Multiplier Symbols Slot Games

Have you played any slots with multiplier values involved? If not, you are in the best place to find out more about them. These games can include the values in various ways. It depends how the software developer chooses to use them. You can find out more by reading below.

They can help you win bigger prizes

This is the basic premise of a multiplier. It could be anything from 2x to a much higher value. Sometimes, you’ll get a random multiplier, while on other occasions you may get a static one that applies in certain scenarios. The rule about their application remains the same though – if you win a prize with a multiplier, your prize amount is multiplied by the amount shown.

They can be attached to special symbols

The most common example of this is a wild symbol. It may not necessarily be shown with a multiplier value next to it, but the paytable should reveal whether the special symbol does have a multiplier.

For example, wild wins might be subjected to a 2x or 3x multiplier or something random. Free spins prizes might also get a multiplier attached to them, meaning anything won in those spins will garner a bigger prize.

Some games use them to multiply with each other

This is the best potential feature of all. You occasionally see this in three-reel slots, although it can appear in larger ones as well. For instance, you might see a game with two random multipliers involved, or two separate multipliers that could appear on a wild. So, one wild would say ‘wild x2’ and the other might say ‘wild x3’. If you were to win a prize with one of each of those wilds involved, they would usually multiply with each other. In this case, that would produce a 6x multiplier to boost your prize.

Some slots have used this feature to great acclaim. We recall playing one with a 10x and a 3x multiplier. So, you can imagine what happened whenever one of each turned up in a win.

You can see how multipliers are great additions to any slot game. Since they can be used in various ways, it is a good feature to find. Will you manage to secure a prize with the help of a multiplier or two? If so, how much more could that prize be worth?