Reddcoin was created in 2014 and was originally designed as a method to “tip” on the social media and sharing site of Reddit. It's known as a social currency and although almost all of its initial use was of course on Reddit it soon garnered interest from traders and crypto enthusiasts who saw a lot more to the coin than what it was originally created for. Reddcoin grew fast and is now welcomed in many of the best Cryptocurrency casinos and it's a virtual currency that looks likely to be around for some time.

Although created to enhance the social media experience, Reddcoin does have many great features that have boosted its popularity. The Tip Platform makes sending and receiving Reddcoin very simple, and fast while the excellent RedWallet is not only safe and secure but also includes many social features too, fitting in perfectly with the style of the coin. Here you'll find a selection of Reddcoin casinos and each of them allows you to play on your home PC and your mobile device, while providing great Reddcoin bonuses too, and we'll be sure to update this Reddcoin casino list as and when new places to play arrive.