Progressive Slots

As a committed online real money gamer, you probably want to know where the best progressives are located, so as to give yourself access to the most lucrative slots. The short answer is to visit the Aria, Bally, Harrah's and the Bellagio for a shot at games like IGT's Megabucks, IGT's Wheel of Fortune Slots, Bally Gaming's Saturday Night Live Slots, the Bellagio's Quartermania Slots and Harrah's Powerbucks progressive machine. These are, by general consensus, the best progressive slots to play in Vegas (well, in the online space, anyway), and offer very competitive progressive jackpots to real money gamers.

The fun money option is also available if you simply wish to play Flash on your mobile device. Casino veterans suggest that you download the casino software if you're looking to maximize the fun you have, shell out a few coins and play all the paylines to get the biggest bang for your buck. These games of chance are as exciting as they come, and progressive slot machines are the best of the bunch.

Mobile Progressive Slots

What are some of the better Android progressive slots that you can find, and where can you find them? For starters, long-standing online casinos such as Lincoln, Liberty Slots, Betonline and Bovada Casino will definitely have what you need. They run smoothly on both your Windows desktop computer and your mobile device - as long as you use the Firefox or Chrome browsers. Just to whet your appetite, the gigantic progressive, Megasaur Slots, is just one such pokey that has the potential to make your Android dreams come true.

Similarly, you can also find some top-notch progressive slots on your iPhone or iPad device. To begin your journey, we recommend visiting top gaming spots such as Sloto Cash Casino for their elite gaming platform that is specifically geared towards the iOS mobile operating platform. Some of the others that offer progressive slots iPhone are Slotastic, Jackpot Capital Casino, Spinfinity Casino and Casino Max. when you download the casino software instead of playing for free, you will get handsome Welcome Bonuses that can be used towards the progressive slots in the casino lobby.

Best Progressive Jackpot Slots

Which online gaming casino has the best progressive jackpot? There are actually quite a few that measure up and draw the gaming crowds consistently; you can find them at places such as Casino Max, Jackpot Capital Casino and Uptown Aces Casino. One such slot that has a spot at every such gaming hall is Mega Moolah Slots. The symbols on the reels are reminiscent of a safari, and include the famous Big 5 (these animals are rated as the most difficult game to track and kill on foot by top hunters). You'll also find the giraffe symbol, the lion of course, the elephant, the herbivore buck. The deadly Cape Buffalo, the zebra and a purple monkey decked out in a King's attire.

The gist of this, which is rated as easily one of the best progressive jackpot slots, are the triplet of jackpots that are available. Mega Moolah as a Minor Jackpot that is triggered to release hundreds of dollars to the lucky real money gamer, as well as a Major Jackpot that can release thousands of dollars before resetting for the next lucky winner. On top of all this, there's also a progressive jackpot that can practically redefine the limits of your bank account should you win it; it keeps on growing in value until it's activated.

Best Progressive Slots Online

Progressive Slots online are positively where most of the fun is at. If you don't believe us, then ask the real money casino gaming veterans. With the progressive, you're always in the game, and in line to make more than any other pokey - assuming the gods of luck and chance are with you. In addition to the Progressive Diamond Jackpot that's available at Betonline.AG Casino, for example, you can find a host of slots by simply visiting the entitled category once you get inside the casino lobby.

Diamond Jackpot is a Classic Slot with all of the usual, familiar symbols: red cherries, BAR symbols, black diamond icons, triple bar symbols, and several assortments thereof. In order to access the progressive jackpot, there's a general rule that you MUST wager the maximum number of coins. It's a simple, straight-to-the-point type of pokey, and if you want more complex fare, then you need only slide on over to the 5 reel video progressives to play.

Are Progressive Slots Worth It

Progressive Slots are, oftentimes, a worthwhile investment. Although most online casino games are available to play for fun using the Flash software that is attendant with Chrome and firefox browsers, the true gambler wants to raise the stakes and download the software. Once you create a casino account at any of a number of top casinos (such as Bovada, Lincoln, Liberty Slots,, Sloto Cash, Jackpot Capital, Uptown Aces, Slotastic, Spinfinity and Casino Max), you can use the generous Welcome Bonus to significantly improve the stakes - the more you play, the more chances you have to win at a progressive slot like Megasaur Slots.

Most agree that progressive slots are worth it, because the jackpot continues to grow in size until someone wins the large amount. In fact, quite a few millionaires have been made with the progressive jackpot prize, since it is virtually impossible to win this amount of money with just symbol combination payouts. Simply put, the progressive pokey gives you the biggest bang for your buck.If there's one small drawback, it's that usually you have to play the maximum number of allowed coins in order have a shot at the top prize.

Best Time to Play Progressive Slots

When it comes to Progressive slot, there is no absolute "best time" to play them - unless you are also signing up to a casino for the first time. For example, at Lincoln Casino, you will get a Welcome Bonus of 100% on your initial handful of deposits, which means that if you play a progressive slot after you sign up, you get to use a big fistful of House cash to try and start a winning streak. A similar thing happens at other online casinos like Uptown Aces and Sloto Cash.

Progressive Slots Meaning

What, exactly, is a progressive slot? It is not all that different from normal slots; in fact, it often has the exact same rules and features. The primary differences come when the jackpot is involved: progressive slots have a continuously-growing jackpot that has to be won by a single player before it goes back to the base number. Attendant with this is usually a requirement that you play the max number of allowed coins. Sometimes, you have to also wager the maximum bet in order to qualify for entry.

Progressive Slots Odds

The odds of winning a progressive slot are just as much, usually, as they are of winning at any other slot of the same size. For the Classic 3 reel, single payline progressive, you have fewer possible combinations but a smaller overall gameboard. For the 5 reel video progressive slot, the odds are a bit better because of the sheer plenitude of possible winning combinations.

Progressive Slots Vs Regular

Do progressive slots really have an advantage over regular slots? Well that depends on why you're playing them. For example, if you are the type to only/primarily play for real money, then you will have a disposition to play regular slots in the Flash mode, since playing the progressive for fun money holds few additional benefits. However, if you play free slots for a chance to learn the ropes before downloading and playing for real, then it might be worthwhile to head for the progressive slots in order to get the hang of the reels and paylines. Ultimately, there's no denying that you have a chance to win much more money on the average progressive slots vs regular - but it's up to your playing style.

How to Win at Progressive Slots

There's no secret concerning how to win at progressive slots; the general method is to make sure you read the directions and play the maximum coin denomination and/or number of coins in order to be eligible in the first place. Since the progressive jackpot continues to rise with each eligible player, it is only fitting that the max number of coins be played by everyone involved. All slots are games of chance, which means that the only way to technically improve your chance is to maximize the number of paylines you play. The beauty of having different possible coin denominations is that this feature lets you manage the amount of money you spend without decreasing your chances of winning - that's why it's imperative to first note whether, for the particular progressive slot in question, you have to play the max number of coins in order to be eligible.

Progressive Slots Strategy

A strategy for winning at progressive slots usually involves starting out with a solid amount of cash; therefore, you can guess at your chances of winning from the outset. Of course, since video slots are games of chance, nothing is guaranteed; thus, you should do everything you can to maximize the number of winning combinations to which you have access.

This starts with first playing all the paylines - in online pokey parlance, this is described as "keeping all the paylines active." To control your expenditures, you are able to vary the coin denominations that you use. Combining these two attributes makes the wagering quite pliable and beneficial to different financial strata. Alternatively, you can also restrict yourself to playing games with a progressive jackpot for free. You won't win anything real (fun money), but you will get the hang of it - which can help you when you play for real money later. No progreesive slots strategy can guarantee you win anything - but the above can certainly improve your chances.

Progressive Slots Tips

When it comes to progressive slots tips, there's a lot of little things you can do to help you win. In the previous subsection, for example, veterans advised you to keep all paylines active. Although you have the option to vary the coin denominations, you should know that some progressive slots only allow the top jackpot to be available to players who bet the maximum. Watch out for these, as they often have the highest jackpots around, and have been known to make new millionaires of especially fortunate gamers. One such slot is Megasaur Slots from Real Time Gaming.

What Are Progressive Jackpot Slots

Simply put, a progressive slot is a pokey that has a jackpot like any other; the primary difference being that instead of being a static number, a progressive jackpot actually grows in value until someone wins it. In particular, the contribution to the jackpot comes from the multitude of other players from all of the other online casinos, who are playing the progressive slot in question at the same time. The jackpot is tallied up as the games proceed in concert, and the total sum is randomly released to a lucky player at the end of a game. The following are a few examples of some of the progressive jackpots that are on the market:
  • Mega Moolah is a progressive jackpot slots that rings in at the considerable sum of $1 million, and grows from there until someone wins.
  • Jackpot Giant is another progressive jackpot slots with 5 reels and a breathtaking 50 paylines; this Playtech creation is known for its high-brow graphics.
  • Mega Fortune progressive jackpot slots is here courtesy of Net Entertainment, and offers hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars as a jackpot.
  • Hall of Gods progressive jackpot slots is one of the smaller progressives on here - but do not let that dissuade you from the huge jackpot that awaits the lucky real money gamer.
  • Megasaur Slots is a progressive from RTG - and it has the potential to make you a rich person. It is in possession of the biggest jackpot out of all the choices on here.
  • Beach Life progressive jackpot slots is the last one we'll review; it is Playtech's flagship 5 reel, 20 payline progressive that has unleashed wins as high as $5 million!

What Does Progressive Slot Machine Mean

A progressive slot machine is simple a machine that has a progressive jackpot. At the base level, there really isn't much more to it than that; of course, certain online gaming casinos have extras in order to entice real money gamers to download the casino software. For example, many tournaments include only progressive slots - but this is not standard. The overall point is that, with the progressive, you stand a chance to win a much bigger prize than with the regular slot. The jackpot in the former keeps on growing until someone wins; then, the cash is delivered, and the tally goes back to the entry-level jackpot amount.

Beating Progressive Slot Machines

Since even the progressive slot is a game of chance, there is no surefire method for "beating progressive slot machines." However, you can take advantage of the laws of probability by restricting your play to slots with greater than the average number of paylines. This means that, for example, a progressive slot with 50 paylines has numerous ways to win, and you just might luck into one of them. Other than that, start with a solid bankroll and take advantage of the Welcome Bonus that most casinos deliver to first-time depositors.

Progressive Slots Payouts

The payouts, as you may have already guessed, are significant. Progressive slots, in fact, are known for this! You stand a chance to win a veritable boat load of cash if you play for real money and stick with it for a few rounds; as games of chance, the next round of play is always another chance to either recoup any losses or extend a winning streak. A really big one such as the progressive Mega Moolah Slots can really change your life if you win - there are literally millions of dollars at stake in progressive slots of this size.

Free Online Progressive Slots No Download

If you really like progressive slots in the online space, but do not wish to pay any money - then you can play them in the free mode with no risk. However, this means you do not stand a chance to win, either - which is, of course, fitting. On the plus side, you also don't have to worry about downloading the casino software for a chance to experience some of the coolest graphics and gameplay out there. Just head to the casino of choice, and activate the no download Flash version of the progressive slot using your Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari browser.

Bovada Progressive Slots

Although Bovada is known mostly as a Sportsbook for online sports-betting, it has a pretty robust casino aspect, as well. If you're an avid slots-gamer, then you'll want to be sure to give Bovada a try - for they have some of the best progressive slots in cyberspace. In fact, Bovada is so dedicated to ensuring the primacy of your experience that they even provide a progressive slots guide on the website.

For your information, the biggest jackpot ever won in a progressive slot is an amazing $39 million on the Megabucks slot machine in Vegas, back in the year 2003. If you want to get right to gaming once you sign up, then visit the "Most Popular" subcategory on the Bovada Casino website. There, you'll find progressive slots such as A Night With Cleo (Cleopatra of Egypt) Slots, Gold Rush Slots and the riveting Classic, 777 Deluxe Slots.

Microgaming Progressive Slots

Microgaming is yet another casino games maker with an eye for making successful and brilliant progressive slots; in fact, they've got almost as many on the market as Real Time Gaming. Microgaming has been around seemingly forever, and goes back as far as Liberty Slots Casino and Lincoln Casino - back when Vegas Tech still existed. Some of their top progressive slots include Mega Moolah Mega with prize pools that routinely hit the $7 million number, as well as King Cashalot and Fruit Fiesta. For full access, make sure you download the casino software and make a deposit to be in the running for the Microgaming Progressive Slots jackpots. These are games of chance, no doubt - but you've got to give yourself a chance by playing for real money.

Netent Progressive Slots

Netent stands for Net Entertainment which, to those in the know, is one of the best casino gaming houses in cyberspace. Netent has been responsible for a host of really good slots, and the casinos that host their creations always have at least a handful of Netent Progressive Slots in-house - usually in the popular Tournament sections. You will experience quite the rush from playing these games that possess elevated remuneration; the definition of progressives is that the jackpot grows continually until an especially lucky gamer activates its release through real money play. The following is a very short breakdown of some of the progressives that are available from Net Entertainment:

  • Divine Fortune: A Netent Progressive Slots - This one is all about Greek mythology, and should strike a resonant chord with lovers of legends and lore. Divine Fortune slots is a medium volatility slot at 96.6%, which is related to the Hit Frequency and your chances of winning. Sporting 5 reels and 20 fixed paylines in a three-row arrangement, you've got to play for real money through download to be eligible for the progressive slots.
  • Arabian Nights: A Netent Progressive Slots - With 5 reels and 10 paylines (all of which are fixed), this Net entertainment Progressive features a strong Arabian template that tells the story of Aladdin in story-board form. The substitute is a turban-wearing Aladdin, himself, and he is capable of replacing every other symbol on the reels to help complete a winning payline. In fact, the enticing progressive jackpot has paid out exorbitant sums such as 4.8 million big ones to a very lucky real money player sometime in the year 2010. Since then, plenty others have won millions of dollars with Arabian Nights.
  • Cosmic Fortune: A Netent Progressive Slots - When it comes to progressive slots, Net Entertainment's Cosmic Fortune Slots takes the top prize )one of many such prizes, actually). With a brilliant theme that's worth the small price of admission, the game also offers you a chance at an amazing 5 different jackpots, as well as 3 of the progressive variety. The wild symbol substitutes for all others, and is represented by a Blue W; whereas the scatter symbol pays out multiples of your wager for the right combinations: it is represented by a Gold S. With 5 reels and 15 paylines, it is of an adequate size to keep you engaged. Download today.
  • Mega Fortune: A Netent Progressive Slots - At 5 reels and 25 paylines, Netent's Mega Fortune Slots is the biggest progressive on here; which means that it offers plenty of different ways to win. As for the theme itself, this one is all about the riches of this world. You'll see symbols of yachts, expensive sportscars, roulette tables, limos and wristwatches on the reels. The game has free spins, multipliers and of course a progressive jackpot for the taking - but only if you play for real money, and only if you get lucky enough to activate the millions of dollars that are available to a lucky winner before the jackpot resets.

RTG Progressive Slots

Real Time Gaming has plenty of progressive slots; in fact, this giant among casino software houses probably has more than any other. You can travel to the ancient Central American period with Aztec's Millions Slots, for example, where not only will you be regaled by the architecture and the historical symbols on the reels, but through download, you'll also have a shot at the nearly $4 million progressive jackpot!

If instead you want fare from Ancient Egypt, then RTGs Jackpot Cleopatra's Gold Slots has a not-too-shabby $405,000 for the lucky winner; prizes such as this are won routinely, and you just might be the next lucky gamer in line. Jackpot Cleopatra's Gold slots is playing at your favorite online casinos; just download the casino software, sign up and make a deposit (after which you'll receive a Welcome Bonus) in order to be eligible to play for the progressive.

The final example for the progressives that RTG hosts is the brilliantly colored Jackpot Pinatas - it even looks like a gift that keeps on giving. With 5 reels and 20 paylines, this standard-sized slot is capable of truly unleashing gifts untold - the progressive has reached totals of nearly $2 million in the recent past! The sum can come in the form of 5 bull pinatas that you have to smash open to reveal what lies underneath. The theme is clearly Mexican and celebratory, so we hope you have a good time trying. Download today!

New Progressive Slots

Due to their popularity, you can always find new progressive slots rolling off the presses - especially with a casino games maker such as RTG promising to release a new pokey every month into the foreseeable future. These slots will be hosted at casino houses such as Red Dog Casino, Slots Empire, Intertops Casino, Lincoln and Liberty Casinos, Sloto Cash and Slotastic Casinos and Cafe Casino. Just head to these and check out the "New Games" subcategories that each casino has in order to find new progressives after the fashion of Hall of Gods Slots, Megasaur Slots and diamond Fiesta Slots.

Penny Progressive Slot Machines

The penny progressive slot is not as rare as you might think; in fact, there are quite a few of them that allow you to put up a few cents and still be in the running for the progressive jackpot. It's always fruitful to keep in mind that most progressives require you to keep all the paylines active, so it's definitely a good thing that you can vary the coin denominations played on each payline and still remain eligible for the top possible prize.

Some of the more popular penny progressive slot machines that you can play in the online space are Wheel of Fortune Slots, The Dark Knight to Wonder Woman Slots, The Wizard of Oz Slots and others.

Progressive Slots for Real Money

All the progressives slots that you would find online are for real money; in fact, it is recommended that you play them for such. After all, if you're solely into fun money gaming using Flash on Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers, then you can restrict your gaming to regular video slots. The progressive attribute only really makes sense if you're willing to put up a few pennies to dollars for a chance to take home the big prize. With that said, progressives are available to all - whether you want to play for real money or not.