Potcoin is a popular alt-coin that was created specifically for the rapidly growing legal marijuana industry as an alternative to Bitcoin. Though completely legal in many parts of the world including many states in the US, marijuana shops, cafes and dispensaries have often found dealing with banks somewhat troublesome, quite simply due to the nature of their business, and Potcoin was developed as a solution. Potcoin uses proof of stake blockchain technology, similar to Ethereum and allows for fast, cheap and secure payments across the network, and as well as being popular among legal cannabis business owners and customers it's also very popular with cryptocurrency traders.

As with many of the more popular alternative currencies, Potcoin is also now being accepted by a number of Potcoin casinos, a number which while small at present will grow and here you'll find a selection of Potcoin app casinos that allow users to make their deposits and cashouts using Potcoin. The list below will be updated regularly as new Potcoin mobile and flash casinos open up their virtual doors and each one provides slots, table games and great bonuses.

Potcoin Casinos

Lucky Games Casino
Lucky Games
Welcome Bonus
200% up to €100
Americas Cardroom
Digital Gaming Solutions, IG Soft
Welcome Bonus
200% using Cryptocurrency