Peercoin is a virtual currency that instead of using proof of work to verify transactions and secure the network it uses proof of stake, making it more economical to mine and even more decentralized than Bitcoin. The reward for Peercoin users keeping the network stable is a 1% return on their staked coins and many see this as a good way of saving and store of wealth. Due to using smaller block sizes and being completely decentralized, Peercoin is extremely popular with crptocurrency traders and those who buy and hold, and as with many of the more popular alt-coins it’s now also welcomed in a growing number of Peercoin casinos.

Here you'll find a list of quality Peercoin casinos that allow you to enjoy a superb selection of dice games, table games and slots either on your home PC or your mobile device and the number is growing rapidly. The standout feature of each Peercoin flash and mobile casinos is of course the fact that it welcomes this currency, along with others, and we’ll be sure to keep this selection updated as new Peercoin casinos arrive on the scene.

Peercoin Casinos