Huge $153,500 Bovada Casino Win

Bovada Casino is home to an astounding amount of fantastic slots and casino games and they are enjoyed by a huge amount of players in the US. The awesome amount of great Bovada gaming options combined with the amount of players getting their fill of the fun means that big Bovada casino winners are created on the regular, and while it's usually the slots that dish out those sweet casino paydays, this time around it was a casino table game...that of Let em Ride.

Bovada player Sonny D from Illinois enjoys the action that Bovada casino serves up and he enjoyed it even more when on April 25th he scored a superb $153,500 cash win when playing the exhilarating Let em Ride game, and that's a casino session that he'll never forget. Scoring a windfall of that amount isn't something that happens on the daily and it was a very special kind of casino bet that brought the win Sonny´s way.

Sonny placed a maximum $500 Let em Ride bet and right out of the dealers hand came three of a kind. Sonny raised twice and set himself up for the win nicely with four of a kind and boom....he scooped a terrific $76,500 win, and then just like magic, a few hands down the line he received another four of a kind hand and got paid a further $77,000 to make him the happiest Let em Ride player in the state!

To win the lottery well you have to buy a ticket and to join Sonny in the big winners club you'll need to be a Bovada player, and opening your account is something that's easily done on either your home PC or your mobile device. Once done you may then collect your terrific Bovada welcome bonus which provides you with a total of up to $3,000 in free bonus cash, however that's a deal that's upped to a massive $5,000 total offer when you make your Bovada deposits using Bitcoin. One huge win, and one very happy player....could you be next?