Slotland Casino Celebrates Previous Jackpot Winners

Slotland Casino

Slotland Casino has been celebrating the best of its winners in the past month. The casino was quick to point out it was one of the first casinos to allow players to use mobile devices to play on. This was back in the day of almost 10 years ago with the old technology for mobile phones. However, players were happy then as they are now to use mobile devices to play at Slotland Casino.

Mobile Jackpot Winner

During the celebration of the previous jackpot winners, Slotland Casino decided to honor the first person to win a jackpot using a mobile slots game. The jackpot was one while playing the first mobile game called Lucky Stars slots. The player won $163,114 on March 2005. Back then slot games were played on very small screens on primitive mobile devices. The player had initially deposited $100 and was able to win double that amount for his first cashout. After a while of playing and becoming skilled in mobile slots games, this jackpot winner started playing Lucky Stars and he was able to have all three star symbols light up. A bonus spin was granted and three bars appeared for this player to win the jackpot in less than 30 minutes. This slots game was indeed lucky.

Mobile Jackpot Pormotion

To celebrate its first mobile jackpot winner, Slotland Casino is offering a free no deposit bonus of $15 to players to use their mobile casino. Players will only have to enter coupon code MOBILEMAGIC.