RTG Reveals Asia Push

For many years now when slots players, industry veterans and anyone with an eye on online casino gaming talks about US online slots development then the name RTG will spring to mind as they've been the dominant force in that market for some time, although there are of course many great slots development companies that would beg to differ, and while the US is still a focus, they are spreading their wings and expanding.

RTG Asia is being headed up by Charlotte Tang and they aim to bring something different to the hugely growing Asian slots and casino games arena and you may have noticed that of late, many new RTG slots have had that Asian and Oriental vibe about them. The argument is that there’s little fresh casino content for the Asian market and RTG aim to change that, serving up their own unique blend of blistering slots and games to a market that is indeed looking for something more than what’s currently available.

RTG have been providing great online casino entertainment since 1998 and will of course keep providing the great slots action to US players while at the same time using that decades of industry know how to enter what has been a very difficult market to crack. New RTG Asia head Charlotte Tang states that, “RTG’s been in the game for 20 years as of this year, it’s about time they put some serious effort on bringing their experience and expertise, from BI tools to bonusing innovations to AI-based targeting of players that maximize players lifetime values to the Asian market. RTG Asia can deliver just these Asian-focused and also globally popular games now, for the first time. Or a complete turnkey solution for operators that gives them more control over RTP and bonuses than any rival platform. We’ve got 20 years of experience in gaming behind us.” It will indeed be interesting to see how RTG fair in their new adventure and if their new slots are anything to go by then they have great chances of success!

RTG New Slots Serve up Asian Vibe

The latest RTG slots releases have each been superb in their own right however across the board there’s been an Asian flavor to them. The likes of Fantasy Mission Force slots and Eagle Shadow Fist slots provide a Jackie Chan slots experience that really fits the bill while Fu Chi slots celebrates the Year of the Dog. There have been non Asian slots launches such as the brilliant Lucha Libre 2 slots and there’ll be plenty more and we can’t wait for the newbies to be revealed, and hoping there’ll be a cool mix of themes and styles constantly being served up.