Cash Grab Double Bonus Video Poker

Video poker players are in for a treat as there’s a brand new variation available right now, and Cash Grab Double Bonus Video Poker could just be your new favorite video poker variety. This is a variation with a difference, as not only does it provide you with the chance of hitting a superb progressive jackpot but there’s also the quite brilliant ‘double up’ feature that allows you to beat the dealer, again, and again.

There are two differences you’ll notice about Cash Grab Double Bonus video poker and the first is that at the top of the screen, on the right hand side, you’ll see a jackpot figure. That is the randomly paid progressive jackpot that can be rewarded to any player at any time after any real money hand, and if that wasn’t enough reason to give this great new game a shot then the double up feature is. You’ll play the game just as you would a regular video poker version, and based on 5 card draw poker you’ll receive 5 cards and may change as many as you wish, however once you’ve hit a win you are then offered the chance to double your money by being shown the double and collect buttons. It’s your call, and you may gamble up or collect your winnings at any time. The double feature and the progressive jackpot on offer really do make Cash Grab Double Bonus video poker a standout offering and one that we think many players will enjoy, there’s a new dimension to this version that adds to the excitement. The game plays fast and smoothly and as is well designed, with hands paying from a pair of jacks or better all the way up to the highest ranking hand of a natural royal flush. If you’re a fan of video poker and you’re looking for something new then you’ve found it, so go take on that dealer, use the double up feature wisely and who could even be the lucky player that hits that video poker progressive jackpot.