Slotland Casino Ups the Offering with Keno 101

Slotland Casino

Slotland Casino is upping its offering and now on top of the extremely popular bespoke slots and cool casino games you'll find their very first Keno game is live and ready for action. The simple yet fun packed game of Keno is popular with players right around the world and the fast action that it provides gives a different kind of buzz to the full on thrills that the Slotland slots serve up, and if something just a tad more relaxing is on your agenda, then it's well worth checking out....and you can check it out with heaps of cool Slotland Keno bonus cash.

With special Slotland bonus code TRYME you can get yourself a superb 200% Keno 101 only bonus with which to pick your numbers and grab the cash prizes, and as an added extra you may also take a special reload bonus of 80% with code TRYME80. The excellent game of Keno is originally from China, where variations of it are still played today and Slotlands Keno 101 is a great version that's well designed and will give you no problems at all when placing your bets and watching the numbers come in.

Your simple task is to pick up to 15 different numbers from between 1 and 80 and quite simply hope that they're the ones pulled from the tombola, and the more numbers you match up, the bigger your cash prize will be. The great user interface allows you to play multiple games and the first thing you'll need to do is to choose your wagering amount, which may be anything from $0.50 up to $10 and then you may choose your own numbers, or take the quick pick option which randomly provides you with a set of numbers to play with. A total of 20 numbers are drawn and you'll just need to hope that plenty of them are on your Keno 101 card, and it's all ready to be enjoyed, right now over at the great Slotland Casino.