Meet The World Leaders on the Arrow's Edge Reels

World Leaders Slots is the very latest Arrow's Edge 5 reel video slot, quickly following that of Dragon´s Cave and Lilly´s Pad slots, from a great slots development company that's really upped the tempo of their new releases, and what a unique slot World Leaders Slots is. The unusual political slots theme that you'll find when you fire up the World Leaders Slots reels is most definitely one with a difference, and it's original to say the least, and you'll also find plenty of cool features too, with one coming your way before a reel has been spun as you stop the globe to find out what your added wild symbol is.

The neat design and the great graphics set the scene and you'll see that the majority of the icons are those of various World Leaders, however the 4 special symbols are the red telephone, crown, bear and eagle, however it's the World Leaders bonus features that are the standout aspect of this fine 5 reel slot.

The wild symbols play very special roles and on top of the random wild you'll find UK, Russian and USA wilds that each have their own unique way to pay, and the awesome and very interactive Find Your Ally bonus feature is excellent and asks you to get on the phone and find out just who is on your side. World Leaders slots really is something very different and the theme alone is well worth checking it out for, and it's ready to roll right now in the very best Arrow's Edge casinos, in which you'll be provided with a great welcome bonus with which to meet the World Leaders and keep world peace!