Reel Poker Slots is Real Different!

The new 5 reel WGS slot of Reel Poker is such a unique creation and we can see this well designed hybrid slot being an instant hit with so many players, especially those who enjoy their slots thrills with a twist! Reel Poker is an excellent mix between a 5 reel video slot and a game of video poker providing two kinds of casino kicks in one, and while you'll still be spinning the reels just like playing a regular slot, the wins will come along in a very different way.

The symbols on the Reel Poker reels are those of a standard deck of playing cards, in fact there's a whole deck of 52 cards on each reel, and just like in normal slots play, the aim is to line up the symbols and collect the wins, however there are some cool differences. You're provided with no less than 100 ways to win with every spin of the reels, and the wins come along as you create poker hands, and just like in video poker, the biggest win will come along when you create a royal flush on the reels.

On top of the 100 winning ways, and here's where the Reel Poker slots fun really starts, you're also provided with a stack of big multipliers, and a superb freespins bonus round. The randomly rewarded Reel Poker freespins round can serve up an amazing 20 freebies and all wins will be given a x2 multiplier, and the fact that Reel Poker is a progressive slot, serving up three big jackpots really is the icing on the cake!

Reel Poker slots is so different and so easy to play with the slots interface being just like that of a regular 5 reel slot, however when you hit the reels and get those poker hands created, you'll see that a regular slot is something that the great Reel Poker is most definitely not!