World's First Virtual Reality Online Casino!

There's something totally different about to hit the world of online casino gaming and Slots Million are providing it. The new Slots Million virtual reality casino has arrived and it's serving up 40 great casino games that you may enjoy in a totally different way than what you, or indeed anybody else is used to. Virtual reality is a hot topic right now, blurring the lines of computer generated graphics and the real world and it was always going to be a part of online gaming in some way, and Slots Million are serving up the first of the real money virtual reality casinos.

For the full 3D virtual reality effect you'll want to be playing using Google Oculus Rift goggles, however that's not something that a whole load of people own right now so Slots Million have designed this addition to their brilliant online casino so that it may be used without them too. This is the very first real money virtual reality casino and it's all set atop a huge skyscraper in the middle of a city, providing stunning views and we really do like what we see.

As you enter the casino you'll see other players doing just the same as you, and there's even a bar area, a giant TV screen and chillout area and a slots section which is packed with great slots. You do have two options when playing the virtual reality slots as you can head to the slots section or play on the giant TV screen. It really is something different and very cool and it will hopefully be available on tablets and smartphones soon, and we have a feeling that many players are going to like this take on an online casino. Slots players who just love getting to the reels and grabbing their action fast may want to stick with what they know but for a whole load of younger or newer players maybe, virtual reality casinos could be the way forward, and who knows what great additions to the slots and games the designers could throw in there!?